Guncraft Xbox 360 Review

"Block Shooting"


I originally played Guncraft when it first released on PC quite awhile ago and have been waiting almost too long for the discussed Xbox 360 version. I say almost too long as I quite wonder the point of releasing just on this particular platform with all the new consoles and such being out, though whatever.

Guncraft is a multiplayer only title moulding the likes of Call of Duty with Minecraft. The various worlds or arenas you battle on can basically be completely destroyed or built upon however players want. Some of these arenas were even user created on PC so it's nice to see that selection of fan based work into this version of the game.

Combat is decent and works well enough for a shooter while the building elements really mix up just what's happening in combat. Teams can build bases by blocks or create these pre-made template designs. Furthermore I want to add that absolutely everything can be customized within the fabrication area. You can build maps, guns, templates and character for an absolutely unique experience. This creates wildly random worlds which are just unique in every aspect and that's awesome.

There's also a ton of modes present within the game from regular deathmatch to objective types and even fun side modes like Spleef. This rounds out the experience with just a ton to do and if you're feeling up the challenge you can attempt to tackle Onslaught which is a horde like mode. Though I will mention it gets really hard fast and the game does suffer some performance problems at later rounds.


I want to say that Guncraft has the layout of a fairly generic shooter so players should have no problems hopping right into it though there's also a building layout built over top. You basically just switch functions and start creating or rapidly destroying the world. This is much quicker than just shooting blocks down though it does take you out of combat for a second.

In regards to the gameplay everything was solid with movement and there's some nice class options to become the type of player you feel like being. On top of that you also can have killstreaks which mix things up like terminator vision or some other helpful weapon. You can also use a number of vehicles found on the map like a chopper, a bike or a tank if you can grab one in time. The graphics are alright, though honestly not anything pretty to look at.

They more or less get the job done though it doesn't shine at all, maybe just an aspect of the last generation I suppose. Everything can also be played with a second local controller if you'd like to do couch coop though I somewhat wish that four players was an option locally as well. I also wish there was a better display system for chat as you can hear people though it doesn't really let you know whom is speaking, or at least not as clearly as other multiplayer titles.
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The Conclusion

For those that still are holding onto their Xbox 360's I suppose you'll enjoy this sort of game. Especially if you like the thought of Minecraft being melded with Call of Duty.

It's nothing fancy honestly though it's packed with value and content. One particular issue may be the lack of players present within the game though if the community is healthy full sixteen player games are awesome.

I somewhat wish this would have released a long time ago or made the jump to the latest consoles at some point though backwards compatibility is something the developers are looking into since I had to look into that one. Guncraft is a decent shooter and it's made neat by the use of block destruction, if that sounds appealing than it's a game to check out.

Guncraft Review on Xbox 360
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Rating Overall: 6.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner