Guts and Glory Review

"Lots of Guts"


Guts and Glory is an interesting single player game where players are tasked with surviving some very hostile circuits. For each level of which there are many, you select a vehicle and begin to ride. The vehicle options are based on the level you're attempting and there are actually a lot of them. The levels are all deadly and filled with things that will be attempting to kill you. It's one of those wacky riding games where the goal is to hit the markers using any means necessary.

You're not restricted to a path, but will have to get creative to reach points. The core campaign is split into a large selection of levels and then there are bonus ones in the hall of glory. Every single level is fast in the sense of if you were perfect, but you're not and you will perish. The world is bland, but creatively setup with lots of physics based interactions. You'll ride along through deadly traps, towers that shoot upon you and pedestrians just living.


The visuals are not really impressive, it has a distinct look to it but isn't anything special. The gore elements are fantastic however as limbs can get removed and then blood sprays everywhere. It's quite funny actually and epic limping your way to the finish line at times. The world is bland, as are the locations you visit with little change in the scenery.

The levels are all entirely different in layout, but the world is empty feeling. The game handles well no matter the vehicle providing wacky times and a surprising amount of precision with movement. There are some tricks too as you can turn sideways, dip into slow motion or get some extra speed when needed.
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The Conclusion

Guts and Glory can be a fun time, it's also a silly and stupid game as well being for a specific market. It feels like they went the Goat Simulator route of things and that works well for it. I didn't think it was anything too amazing, but it can provide some laughs and an enjoyable time. I know there's definitely a market for this type of experience and they'll love it.

There's a good quantity of levels and your time spent here will be based on how well you handle the challenges involved. The selection of vehicles is awesome, but for the best of times I suggest always using the bicycles. It's a wild game, I just wish the world was more impressive or that there was something more to it than just hitting time trials.

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Guts and Glory Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 5.8

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner