Halloween Game Events & Unlocks 2019

October 22, 2019 at 3:39am
By Jason Stettner

The Halloween Game Events and Unlocks 2019 list showcasing a variety of games that are having special events based on the holiday. This should at least cover the popular ones with details on what you can gather in terms of special items or at least bonuses. Time to get spooky again for this year's list of events.

Gears 5
-For two weeks you can check out Pumpkin Ball, which is a version of Dodgeball where the dead just don’t stay dead. DBNO players will self revive almost instantly. Oversized Juvie Pumpkin heads are present too. The Frankenstein Imago is a character skin unlock by completing thirteen matches of Pumpkin Ball before the event ends.

-From Oct 15 to Nov 14 expand your seasonal items and relive the tale of Junkenstein’s Revenge. Weekly challenges and skins to unlock that festively themed. The loot boxes are trick or treat as well.

Borderlands 3
-Bloody Harvest, boss battle with Captain Haunt and new skins among other decorative options that are themed for the holiday.
Halloween Gaming Events
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
-Collect a nameplate that’s Flood themed by playing ten games of infection during the month of October.

Hitman 2
-A brand new Halloween mission, an Elusive Target and some unlocks.

Rocket league
-New update with a special currency and Stranger Things related items.

Apex Legends
-Oct 15th to Nov 5th there’s a limited time mode of Shadowfall. Special items for unlock and various other tweaks. This mode is where 35 solo players battle it out.

World of Tanks
-From the 18th to 26th enjoyed a Halloween clash of the Revenants or the Possessed.

Dead by Daylight
-The Withering Blight event is here with spooky changes and these special items. The Will O' Wisp flashlight, The All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox and The Pustula Petals offering.

If we're missing any key games, let us know and we'll get them added up. If you need some other chilling things check out our review of the Nintendo Switch’s Dead by Daylight or the game hubs, for more titles.

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