Halo Legendary Loot Crate: ODST Unboxing

I was lucky to be chosen as a Loot Crate influencer recently so I was sent the November 2016 Halo Legendary Loot Crate. This box was dubbed the "Battle for Earth" or as I'd like to call it, the ODST pack. I was initially thinking that "Legendary" was the subtitle, but I guess that's the line for these crates.

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Now it's time to dig into the crate if you opted to not watch the unboxing review video or maybe did and want more. Included within this box is a lovely wild Buck figure; an ODST shirt, ODST pants, classified files, a Sticky Pin, the Superintendent badge and a Legendary Req pack.

The figure was actually great and I now have that placed on my desk display area beside by Ocelot chasing a creeper and a Frienderman. The clothing is also great feeling very comfortable and it's nice to have a matching set. There was also a little poster with an ODST action scene that acts as an inventory of what's in the pack. The other aspect was the classified files that were great to read through and a nice touch for Halo fans. The final bit was the Req pack for Halo 5: Guardians and that was honestly a bit lackluster considering what cards I received.

I found this pack to be a perfect crate for Halo fans as it's packing some solid value to it and some nice custom Halo themed items you just can't get elsewhere. It's also got some pieces of Halo lore which is nice and this feels like an essential part of your Halo collection. I'm certain fans will appreciate the future Halo packs as this was my first one and it was awesome.

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Halo Legendary Loot Crate: ODST Unboxing Review

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner