Halo Mega Bloks Game Cancelled Footage

It would seem that there was a Halo Mega Bloks game in the works for Xbox 360 around the release of Halo 4. The leaked video courtesy of PToP Online shows around ten minutes of actual gameplay from what could have been. It actually looks incredible and the apparent goal for the game was to be AAA title.

The game was supposed to be modeled after the LEGO games though with an expanded focus on bringing Halo elements along with custom building features. It actually looked quite complete at the basics with a wide range of customizable vehicles, an array of Halo weapons and well captured Covenant enemies. There was apparently only a single level which was unfinished though fairly long and a survival area. The survival section would have been like Firefight, but with building elements to make it more tower defense.

The main issue with the game probably not releasing was that it was being worked on for Xbox 360 around 2013 which would have been awkward with Xbox One releasing. This would have been a great first year Halo title for the Xbox One and it actually looks really fun. Regardless, it would be interesting to see them revive this title for the current generation as it does show great promise.

It appears to have the core concept of Halo down while moving to a different perspective and it had some nice comedic bits in the cutscenes. There are also some classic weapons, items such as the Bubble Shield and the vehicles you would expect. The art is also done in the style of being blocky like Mega Bloks and that oddly works perfectly. Be sure to view the video to see the blocky game in action.

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Halo Mega Bloks Game Cancelled Footage Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner