Halo Mega Bloks Game Cancelled Raw Footage

After getting our first look at this cancelled Halo Mega Bloks game more footage has been sent out by PToP Online that shows a full unedited 20 minutes of gameplay. While the initial video just showed an edited portion with information, this shows the entire mentioned campaign level in full glory.

It's actually incredibly impressive and looks well polished having all classic elements of a Halo title. This includes regular content, some of the funny moments of the series and a driving portion. It was also mentioned PToP that this actually was a project that had received almost a year's attention including pitch and development. For those unaware of the original video, the game has a cartoon look with the sounds and design of a Halo game.

Since the first video's announcement there's been a great response from fans as this honestly does look great. 343's head Bonnie Ross even commented on the build called project "Haggar" with "Haggar had a lot of fun ideas and invention behind it, but ultimately didn’t progress beyond the early prototyping levels that are shown in the recent video. This is just one example of several similar projects we have evaluated throughout the years – a process that we continue exploring on an ongoing basis. "

She also mentions to continue feedback to see what they do with Halo in the future. I personally love this concept finding it to potentially be a great title to capture a younger audience before they're ready for main Halo titles. With that check out the new raw footage up above or check out the first video that gives more insight into the build.

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Halo Mega Bloks Game Cancelled Footage Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner