Halo Wars 2 Campaign Missions

Halo Wars 2 Campaign Missions going over all the story based levels present in this Halo RTS spin-off sequel. The story follows the Spirit of Fire thirty years after the events of the first game as they awaken at The Ark from Halo 3 and deal with a new threat. This new threat is Atriox, a fearsome Brute that leads a new branch of the Covenant called the Banished. I've included a general picture the campaign missions below and a list of all the 12 missions in the campaign.

Halo Wars 2 Campaign Missions Last Stand

The Signal - Spartan Jerome and Red Team investigate the source of a UNSC emergency signal.

A New Enemy - Captain Cutter prepares to take the fight to the Banished by attacking Atriox's field commander Decimus.

Ascension - Spartan Jerome and his forces fight through Banished fortifications on the way to the Cartographer.

One Three Zero - Fighting behind enemy lines, Spartan Alice must rescue UNSC prisoners to open up a second front in the way against the Banished.

The Cartographer - Professor Anders and Jerome arrive at the Cartographer to discover the secret of Atriox's command over the Ark.

Lights Out - Jerome must destroy The Banished's portal network controls and cripple Atriox's transport capabilities across the Ark.

From the Deep - Alice must defend against the Banished as they assault her rag-tag band of survivors.

Hold the Line - In part one of Isabel's plan, the UNSC must defend a Forerunner cannon as it immobilizes the Banished's carrier and breaks through its shields.

Under the Dark - In part two of Isabel's plan, Jerome and Isabel infiltrate a Banished compound and prepare to enter the belly of the beast.

The Foundry - Alice and Douglas lead an assault to cut off the wave of Banished boarding the Halo.

The Halo - A reunited Red Team must push back the Banished invasion of the Halo so Anders can reach the Control Room.

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