Hellfront: Honeymoon Review

"Bugs, Booms & Bases"


Hellfront: Honeymoon is a simple, yet strategic twin stick shooter. The entire experience is designed for cooperative play, but you can also enjoy it by yourself. To start, there's a campaign featuring a fairly large number of levels. Each level is scored on time and you're given a star ranking based on fast you can get through it. It's all about blasting through the levels as fast as possible and that keeps the action going.

There's also Deathmatch where at least two players, or up to four battle it out in local multiplayer. There are no online components to this package which is somewhat disappointing. You're able to play across the various planets and just quickly get into combative situations. There are a pile of maps to play here if you're looking for something specific. The variation is excellent for whatever sort of mini battles you'd like to setup with your friends.


The gameplay of Hellfront: Honeymoon is fast and deadly, the action never stops until you win or lose it all. You arrive as a single soldier and need to get building. You simply drop down a barracks or turret to get rolling. You'll need to both defend, and push forward to completely control the map. That's how you win, you're also able to keep coming back as long as you have positions left.

Your troops will spawn from the barracks and be a key assistance as enemies are very tough in this. You need to eliminate those enemy bases and then you're good to go onto the next level or match. I liked the visuals, they're simplistic yet striking and very colorful. The worlds offer unique biomes and there's a level of destruction involved as you carve up levels to make new paths.
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The Conclusion

Hellfront: Honeymoon brings frantic twin stick shooter action with some levels of strategy. It's actually fairly well developed at the core and there's a good quantity of gameplay here. I would have liked to see more modes, or something different as I thought the base mechanics were very interesting.

It's fast paced and to the point every time you start a match. There are layers as you push forward, while trying to balance your defensive points against oncoming threats. Lots of back and forth here which is interesting and it's filled with destruction. I also really liked the fun surprise you'd get after taking out a building, should shift the tone of a small victory almost entirely.

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Hellfront: Honeymoon Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner