Hitman: Absolution Missions List of Levels & Locations

The Hitman: Absolution missions list of levels and locations can be found below, it's definitely a different take on the series. The game in general is about betrayal and a change for the main character as he essentially goes rogue. This will limit options for how effective he can be in his field of work.

Now cut off from his previous financing and agency, he'll have to get more creative than ever in order to get the jobs done. The title was enhanced for modern platforms bringing in a 4k resolution among other visual and texture upgrades. This should cover it all while being spoiler free for the most part as the names don't really reveal anything.
Hitman: Absolution Missions List of Levels & Locations Screenshot The Hitman: Absolution Missions List of Levels & Locations List
-A Personal Contract
-The King of Chinatown
-Run For Your Life
-Hunter and Hunted
-Welcome to Hope
-Birdies Gift
-Shaving Lenny
-End of the Road
-Dexter Industries
-Death Factory
-Fight Night
-Attack of the Saints
-Skurkys Law
-Operation Sledgehammer
-One of a Kind
-Blackwater Park

Those are all of the missions, you can read our review of the most recent entry in the series below or check out the hub for further coverage of the franchise. A review will be there in the near future as well as other articles on this latest release.

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