How to Disable Xbox Store Autoplay Video Trailers

Auto playing videos are annoying and when they were first introduced to the Xbox Store on Xbox One consoles it was terrible. They were loud and really in the way videos blocking players from quickly accessing game pages. That's no longer an issue as there's an easy fix. Here's how to disable Xbox Store autoplay video trailers in an easy way.

The first step is to enter the actual store, not just the tab from the dashboard. Wave over there and click on any game or item, just keep in mind that you first need to see the Microsoft Store logo splash pop up as you enter the store app. Once you're in that app simply click start (burger button, menu) and a small "settings" button will show up. Click that and you'll get a long list of options for privacy/sale terms. The option you want is a slider right at the top, click to turn off "play videos automatically" and then just back out. That's it, enjoy not having videos popping up while you're going through the store. It should be easy and take less than a minute to disable those autoplay videos.

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