Hunt: Showdown Xbox One X Preview

July 12, 2019 at 10:30pm
By Jason Stettner

Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One X actually delivers a really clean and straight forward experience. Having become tired of early access titles with their iffy performance it’s neat to see one that does feel like a polished release. It runs quite smooth and for the most part looks solid. It looks a tad better at night quite honestly, but that’s due to the dirt textures.

I felt the dirt looked a bit off during the day time, at least in my opinion. That’s right, you might get a day or night match to play in. The draw distance is excellent, I really didn’t notice any performance issues or pop-in while moving around. The trees, bushes and structures looked quite detailed. There’s a fair bit to see as well as you go about collecting clues to find a prize creature to hunt.

Hunt: Showdown Xbox One X
Playing alone or as a duo you’ll work to find spots that lead you towards a monster. There are other gruesome creatures that you’ll come across too. These are zombies basically, some have fire or poison attributes. Not hard to kill, but overwhelming in packs. Keep in mind that once you die you’ll have to find a new match, the game features permadeath elements to it.

You can lose loot, characters and your prize by dying. An example would be fighting a spider by myself for two people to kill me as soon as I finished it off. That was annoying, but part of the experience I suppose. You buy new loot and recruit additional hunters through the main menu area. This menu area is cursor based and a streamlined way to play. The game can be slightly hard to get into, but you’ll figure it out over a few matches.

I found this to be a solid time, surprised it didn’t just fully release. I suppose matchmaking could be faster for the duo playlist, but I assume that’s due to a limited Xbox Game Preview roster as it seemed to stealth release. That’s all for now, check out our review of DayZ on the platform below, or game hubs for additional coverage.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner