Jackbox Party Pack 5 Review

"Four Winners"


The Jackbox Party Packs have really become staple in many fun group events and activities with the family over the many years that they've now been around. The side releases are typically great, but these main bundles are the prime enjoyment. This fifth pack is another solid selection of games with four great ones and another that doesn't make any sense.

If you're unaware of the series, it's a party game for two or more players with usually three being the minimum in most games. Players join from anything with an internet browser such as a phone or tablet and easily play. Games often involved typing funny sayings, filling in the blanks or even getting creative with drawing.

You Don't Know Jack: Full Stream

This is the latest and best iteration of YDKJ yet taking on the streaming services with a parody type design. It works well, feels slick and borrows from the past releases in concept to make a fresh entry. This is for up to eight players with only one being needed, an audience can join as well. The goal is to answer questions that are presented in a number of fun ways. Players can screw one another and it progresses across tune filled rounds.
Jackbox Party Pack 5 Mad Verse City Screenshot

Split the Room

This features a Twilight Zone type design being dreary, the goal is to get a middle vote on everything. You fill in what's missing in an attempt to divide people evenly as possible. It features 3-8 player action with an audience. A simple concept that works well and with enough players, it can be rather entertaining.

Mad Verse City

For up to eight players the goal is to create some dope rhymes. You need to fill in a word and then create a verse that rhymes with that for a hopefully awesome effect. Do this in a coupled setup per round and then compete against others. This one seems to be based on the creativity of your group, it creates some interesting moments for sure.

Patently Stupid

This one is the drawing based game in the package. The goal is to create a presentation using a picture, a name and a tagline. You'll base this off of a problem that's created by another. Half the fun is explaining and then selling your design to others. There are a couple rounds and this one is really enjoyable. It is designed for 3-8 players with an audience option.

Zeeple Dome

This one is creative and rather stupid. It makes no sense in the context or spirit of what this package is about. Still, it's rather neat as you play in up to a group of six battling in missions. You launch a little character into the air to hit creatures. Sometimes you'll need to coordinate colors for attacks and power-ups will be present. Again, neat yet it is completely against the point of these packs.
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The Conclusion

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 contains four great, really unique games and one that doesn't make any sense. You Don't Know Jack probably has its best iteration here and it's a pleasure to play alone or with others. Building on that is an interesting dark style game with Split the Room. That's backed up with some dope rhymes with Mad Verse City that can be really fun in the right group situations.

I thought Patently Stupid was excellent, a really creative mix of phrase creation and drawing. Half the fun of that one is presenting and it can be just great to play. Finally we have Zeeple Dome which is cool, but stupid in the context of what this pack is supposed to provide. No one wants to play that type of game when they turn on a Jackbox title for their party or gathering. This is a compelling package that mostly gets it right, there are some excellent games and fresh ideas presented.

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Jackbox Party Pack 5 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner