Kaiju Panic Review

"The Kaiju Attack!"


Kaiju are invading the Earth and it's up to you as a general to gather civilians in order to defend humanity. Missions play out simply as you'll need to collect gems in order to create building and also save people in order to run everything.

It's a delicate balance of trying to keep enough people around you to work on things and having people controlling the defense points. The campaign does a great job in balancing the various places around the world and the variety of Kaiju you battle. It runs smoothly as you work through levels and gain science to unlock new skills though it doesn't do the best job in telling you what to focus on.

You may spend your points in one area only to have those defense turrets be completely useless in some levels whereas other be really helpful. The game is of course a tower defense at its heart and difficult as well as it progresses and will take careful planning to be successful in.


The game carries beautiful and friendly cartoon graphics which are cute, yet don't be mistaken as the Kaiju can be rather deadly. Its great running around and taking a direct influence within the game as you herd civilians for your efforts. There's a wide variety of turrets and other defenses to build though the real trick is controlling how you send out these civilians to assist. It actually works really well for a console tower defense title with easy to use controls.

Kaiju Panic Xbox One Screenshot

The Conclusion

Kaiju Panic looks charming and works perfectly well for a console tower defense title. It also puts the player in direct control of the game which is better than the usual above perspective.

Things can get difficult in later places so you'll need to be careful in how you spend your science research points. I really loved the cartoon graphics and in general Kaiju Panic was a solid tower defense.

Kaiju Panic Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner