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"Quick, Fluid and Intense"


This is the return of a classic, Killer Instinct is back with vengeance having been at bay for a many years the series has returned in a free to play style giving you Jago as your warrior. This of course keeps the game open with unlocking new levels, areas and add ons for you characters with only the restriction of allowing you to purchase additional characters.

I will comment that I felt there was somewhat a lack of options for characters against the cost, though there are many more coming soon with two more being available with guarentee through the season pass. Onto content there are a few modes with the usual local matches against people or Ai, a survival mode pinning you against climbing chain of opponents and the Dojo where you can hone up on your skills (Basically tutorials).

As I have said many times before I feel the fighting scene could greatly benefit from being free to play and that is perfectly displayed here offering you choice of other characters as honestly I don't know many folks that like to switch it up very often. That and a online mode that mirrors the local play, though seriously some folks are ridiculous online makes up the game which is in general all that fighting games really have to them in ways of depth.
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Multiplayer is handled in matches of either Ranked of Social which both do exactly what they say. The combat online is intense with no beats mixed, though I will continue to comment on how I have no idea exactly how others are able to destroy my health counter in easy glee. The gameplay itself is always fluid with beautiful graphics and crazy character designs that fit well in the many dynamic environments present.

Stages are somewhat similar, though they each bring a differing feel to the background as that's really all they are for. No frames are ever dropped and I will definitely comment that this title always looks great. Combat is also neat with a mix of differing levels to attack opponents and moves to accomplish this. There are massive rewards for combos and the Ultras which are basically a slaughter of your poor foe look crazy to watch or perform.
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The Conclusion

For a free title this is an absolute must have at launch with a great starter character and has easy choices for additional selections. The gameplay looks solid and fluid with crazy combos and quick paced matches that will always cause some sweating, especially in online matches. Ever moment is gripping in Killer Instinct and this is a well welcomed return of a game that fairly much pre-dates many of my early gaming experiences.

Killer Instinct Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 8.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner