Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Review

"Larger Roster, Bigger Hits"

Season 2 Ultra Edition

After the success of the awesome Killer Instinct reboot we're given a second season as the series returns for even more intense combative action. This has been a long review in-progress actually spanning about a years worth of time. I've just been slowly adding each roster character and writing about them as they've released.

Of course now that all characters and content has released we can finally give a score to this Ultra Edition for Season 2. Packed within this season comes eight new fighters (+1 bonus fighter); eight new costumes, sixteen accessory sets and Killer Instinct 2: Classic. Additionally with the season came a special level for each of the characters and Shadow Lab which you can read more about here. This is actually a ton of content for a free to play base and exactly where I'd like to see the fighting genre head into the future.

I did find with these season though that despite adding some variety many of the fighters seemed to be middle hitters, at least that's what I found over time. Each is presented with their own sort of background with all of them fairly much being rather twisted. The mix of new and returning characters was well balanced with releases though they must be running low on characters to bring back when they most likely start season 3. For each member below you can read my thoughts about them on their release date and conclusive writing area at the bottom of the page along with a score for this season. Thanks for following the progress throughout!


The last character for season 2 is Aria, an extreme terminator like robot for the future. Her whole cause is that she loves humanity though they need to evolve in order to survive. That then brings her to have a quest in slaying the other contenders. Combos are easy to build with this character though she does have an odd movement to her.

It seems slow and rigid, which is what some would expect from a machine. The character definitely reminds me of Transformers as she configures herself occasionally during battle. Aside from floating turret like machines that attack opponents she also has a nasty knee shotgun which always devastates. Sorry for the bad imagery for her at this moment, another great addition.

Aria Killer Instinct Season 2


Ready to burn your enemies to a crisp? Seriously though Cinder is a crazy and fantastic character that specializes in quick movement to deliver deadly combos. Definitely a fan favorite and one of my favorites once I got to playing him. It's quite some fun watching him enter the battle to immediately ignite some extra flames.

Once the battle starts he does solid rock like bunches until the streaks build and then some fire bursts come into play. Again though, he's another medium styled character which seems to be the core stock this time around.

Cinder Killer Instinct Season 2


Hisako is just the most creepy and disturbing thing in this game or well out of many games that I've played. She's essentially the grudge meets a stick that likes to give away the gift of death to everyone. She hobbles around the battlefield almost stocking enemy players while she waits for the right time to strike.

While not terribly effective when she does actually get quick hits in they can destroy people and there's a particular move where she goes inside of people and breaks them all poltergeist. It's uh, actually quite disturbing and Hisako is a very unique character in this roster.

Hisako Killer Instinct Season 2


Well, Aganos is a tad weird in the sense that he's a massive rock monster that really doesn't fit into the game at all. I mean that in the nicest way as he's way out of scale compared to everyone and deals a weird attack system. Rather than speed or even heavy attacks Aganos just hurts every massive hit that he can land.

These are mostly kicking poor small fighters or creatures walls and just pummeling them against it. Like I said, he's very slow and calculated which makes me feel as though his character fits a very small desire base compared to others.

Aganos in Killer Instinct Season 2


Omen is another fighter that takes similar suite to the last two characters in which he is close range. In difference he deals electrical moves and shock attacks along with a more retained attack scheme which has a medium hit speed to it.

Omen is more about waiting for the right moment in opponents attack combos to strike with clear destruction and large chained combos. I also really liked the character look as Omen is somewhat gargoyle while also being almost a pure dark electric being.

Omen in Killer Instinct Season 2


What I originally thought was a joke, is Riptor the robotic cyborg dino packing some serious punches. Like Kan-Ra this raptor uses quick slashes and movement to devastate opponents ever so swiftly. A very fluid character which has close combat and fast movement that also has the amazing ability to breathe fire. She's a ton of fun to play as though again his style is small and light attacks to balance high combo numbers.

Riptor Killer Instinct Season 2


Quickly becoming my favorite character in Killer Instinct, Kan-Ra has a series of deadly moves in his arsenal which just obliterates the opponents. His quick movement and fighting style match mine perfectly, this character can pack a serious punch of the enemy lets him. He's also one of the most creepy characters in my recent memory from games as he just screams sinister from start to finish. The whole ancient mummy things adds to this image making him one dreadful opponent.

Kan-Ra Killer Instinct Season 2


Maya differs from the other initial offering of TJ Combo and brings us a quick female fighter that has a focus on her useful daggers. Easily becoming one of my favorite characters already she brings some great aerial movement into the play with great combos that surround her number of sharp weapons.

The amazon map is also a great addition to the number of maps which adds some dynamic events into play. Including this with her makes sense and battles there quite epic. Definitely suggest checking out Maya as she packs quite a punch against the characters.

Maya Killer Instinct Season 2

TJ Combo

Bringing a melee focused style of character to play, TJ Combo brings some great humour a toughness not seen in other characters. I would also state that he is the most realistic of the bunch being some sort of boxer out here to fight in the arena. TJ also brings in some unique combo lines and some great actions into the play being the first main character of this new season. Also am associating the new industrial/city scape styled map with TJ as that definitely matches him for play.

TJ Combo Killer Instinct Season 2

Killer Instinct 2 Classic

This is a perfect port for a title that has really held up well in both the graphics and gameplay department. The story is really weird and weak, but the combat is perfectly addicting. Balancing a large cast of characters I've learned through the new edition of Killer Instinct with some more I have yet to hear of is awesome.

It's a ton of fun to play aside from checking out the new characters in Season 2 and a great time killer as well. The balance of music along with graphics was great for this title for a fun atmosphere. Also I loathe Gargos as that healing gargoyle is ever so annoying as you fight for those arcade finishing achievements. It's a bunch of fun and I think these should be released separately as well so more folks can enjoy them or even put together as a pack later.

The Conclusion

This was a great pack and the Ultra Edition of Season 2 was packed with content throughout its run over the last year. I'm really excited for hopefully a third season as this roster just keeps getting better. The base game was well done though the entire game has basically been redone over the easy with tons of solid free to play aspects.

This pack is for the hardcore that love the roster which is filled with great variety. The characters are all really unique and bring something to the table. Again, I personally had a great time checking out the game ever once and while for a new character release. I'm sure fans or fighter fans in general will enjoy this pack as there's a ton of content available.

Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner