Killing Floor 2 Xbox One Review

"Peak Intensity"


Killing Floor 2 is damn awesome, it's a cooperative shooter where six players work together against waves of these crazy deadly creatures. It does a lot of things right and with this being my third version of the game I've played I have a good idea about it. I loved the first game as it was just crazy and unique to everything else that had released at the time. They're really not afraid to turn the gore up to the max with this sequel and just make the most terrifying creatures (ZEDS) you could imagine. The general goal of the game is to survive a number of waves and defeat a crazy boss.

The quantity of waves depends on which match you've chosen to join as there are varying options. Between these waves players run towards the trader in order to purchase new items and prepare for the next round that's fast approaching. There's just a pile of maps to back this game up and so much replay value here. Aside from just surviving with others, you can also do a competitive mode which is similar to Left 4 Dead 2's versus. Here players are either on the survivor side trying to make it through a couple waves and other players are piling in as ZEDS. The game then flips after the round is over and the other team attempts to gain a better score.
Killing Floor 2 Xbox One


On Xbox One Killing Floor 2 runs incredibly well with a fluid and smooth rate of gameplay. The environments look fantastic and it seems like the gore or well any limbs that go flying don't impact the performance. I did however notice some maps where parts of the environment would load in as you moved about, but these were minor little items and it didn't show up on most the levels.

The combat feels great with the guns giving a badass feeling when you shoot them. There are lots of weapons available from melee to shooting and even flamethrowers. This is mirrored in the customization area as you select a character, then tweak their costume and various skins. There's a level system based on the various classes in the game and you're always earning XP towards that while playing. The ZEDS side of gameplay changes based on which creature you end up as, but it's a blast to play as any of them.

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The Conclusion

I could sit there forever just blasting away creatures and enjoying the slow motion that occasionally comes into the mix. The combat is great and the cooperative aspects are perfect. Its fantastic seeing a whole squad getting backed into a corner as the medics attempt to heal and just have it all break down.

Some will try to run away and survive a bit longer, but it's all about working together in this game in order to make it. There's a wide range of maps to play across a number of distinct levels and tons of replay value as it never gets old. Between the content, the selection of maps and modes this version of Killing Floor 2 is definitely awesome and so much fun to play.

Killing Floor 2 Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner