Killing Floor 2 Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Killing Floor 2 is an excellent cooperative shooter that brings visceral action and beautifully detailed high levels of gore. It recently launched on Xbox One and has already been given a nice update to boost the visuals on Xbox One X. This is great as it makes the already solid running base version of the game even better for those with the better console. The game gets a nice resolution boost and a number of other smaller improvements. With that, the Killing Floor 2 Xbox One X enhancements include a boost to 1800p which is then upscaled to 4k (2160p). It's quite close to hitting the native marker and despite falling slightly short it's a massive increase over the base 1080p.

There's also improved general performance and high resolution textures making the world or well mostly the gruesome creatures across your screen looking that much better. Higher resolution Shadow maps are also included as well as an increased shadow fade out draw distance. The game also received its first Xbox post-launch support with the free Halloween Horrors Content Pack. This included the Nightmare map, new weapons and new enemies upon some smaller improvements to the overall game. Nightmare is rather crazy if you're experienced with the game since it sends you through multiple twisted realms.
Killing Floor 2 Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
It's really great to see Killing Floor 2 getting improved on the Xbox One X as it looks stunning. The creatures, the gore it all just looks so great with the update. It was running fine before, but now the colors really just pop with the raised resolution. If you're unaware of the game, it's a six player cooperative focused game. Everyone works together to battles waves of essentially monsters that rush in across the map. There are multiple classes to level through and various weapons to purchase in-game while battling ever growing numbers. You can also enjoy a versus mode which plays like the mode in Left 4 Dead 2 where some players are humans and the others are the creatures (ZEDs).

It's a really awesome game to play with piles of gore, creepy locations and intense continuous combat. There's even a great slow motion feature that's occasionally triggered and it all plays well into the style of the game. The core experience is already bundled with so much content and the support on the title has been fantastic as it's released on a number of platforms prior to launching on Xbox One. I do heavily suggest Killing Floor 2 as it's easy to jump into and fun to play as cooperative work is a must to survive.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner