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"Basic RPG"


Korgan is an alright game, it's a very basic RPG and perhaps one I'd suggest to those that want to get a taste for the genre. That being said it's very simplistic and sort of stiff to play. What's great here is that the prologue content is free to play, and then you can grab additional chapters if it's something that interests you. For those Achievement hunters out there, and this is something I typically don't add in reviews is that all the Achievements can be gained during the free prologue.

There really isn't much of a story here, it's mostly just a chain of objectives you do. You'll need to collect items around the fairly large, yet tight maps and then battle certain creatures. There are secondary tasks you can complete if you desire to do so. It really comes down to moving around, battling some enemies you find and then eventually battle a boss. It's not terribly complex, yet is focused in what it wants you to do. Again, being a fairly basic title that could be decent for someone that isn't used to this game genre.


This is a different type of combative experience as you're able to switch between three characters at the same time. Each of them does something different with unique abilities, armor to use and skill trees to work through. You level as a group and need to be tactical about how you distribute points as they're minimal. You will get a good quantity of various armor pieces to use and that kept the action going as you collect more. Potions are present too as they'll help fill mana or health along the way. Having different characters to switch between is neat and odd.

If you die with any you'll restart the area, yet they have separate health bars to use. Some of the trio were better than others and it depended on the situation mostly. I found some combat awkward and sort of stiff, enemies could take a lot of damage so you'd have to take bits out of them at times. The music in the game was ever so epic, really stood out. Visually it looks alright, lots of side detail yet simple worlds. There's this forest type level and it felt very basic in comparison to the other areas.
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The Conclusion

There's a fair amount of content here whether you're wanting to experience just the prologue area for free or explore further chapters. If the single player isn't enough, there are a few competitive multiplayer options present. This was neat, and provided some extra content.

For the most part I found Korgan to be very simple, stiff at times and mostly just alright. It certainly had some unique elements which I appreciated, yet the experience wasn't anything too special. The combat was too awkward and at times annoying as enemies would appear multiple times or I'd randomly get exploded out of nowhere. For those that want an easy finish it's not too difficult. If you're looking for a basic RPG that has some moments, Korgan can deliver that to some degree.

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Korgan Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 4.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner