Left 4 Dead Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

The original Left 4 Dead was certainly a remarkable cooperative release which is still very much loved today. While the second game in my opinion is far better and includes the entirety of the original game with various improvements. I can understand the appreciation this one receives for having that classic design and feeling. The two titles released very close together, but there are considerable upgrades between the two. This game follows four survivors as they blast through largely linear, yet somewhat spacious environments working towards safe rooms.

Along the way you'll face a number of regular zombies, and of course many special infected. It's all about pushing further and helping out your group along the way. This is just the general core mode however, there is a survival option for versus which switches up the game for a competitive style. Whatever the case, this game is looking amazing on Xbox One X. It has been given an enhancement like other Xbox 360 titles have had with 9x the pixel count for that 4k resolution. The game looks damn sharp and it's really amazing how clean it is in comparison to the rougher look on the base console.

While I do feel that the second game is more worthwhile to revisit at this point, I definitely believe this one delivers on quality. It runs really well with no issues while I was playing and it looks just great. I'm always surprised how well these Xbox 360 games clean up with just an increase in resolution as those rough edges are smoother right out. The antialiasing efforts here are impressive and it's just truly nice to see the old games running so well. Like I always mention, it now looks like how you remember the games looking when you used to play them on that older console.

While not all elements of the game have aged particularly well such as the backdrops; I thought the environments for the most part looked great, as did the textures and character models. This is certainly a good effort and I desire to see more older games like this given the enhancement as it's just a treat to revisit them with such improvements. It's a great way to preserve the games going forward, especially a title as classic as this original Left 4 Dead game. There's a great cast, awesome coop action whether you have online friends or not and just a well designed series of levels to play through.

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Left 4 Dead Xbox One X Screenshot
Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner