LEGO Dimensions Unikitty Fun Pack Review


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Unikitty was my only pick for the second wave on LEGO Dimensions character as she's just the best. Voiced once more by Alison Brie which voiced her in the LEGO Movie Unikitty is back in all her game and figure glory.

While I did previously own the character in LEGO I just couldn't miss out on having her for my team in Dimensions. Unikitty is of course for those that don't know essentially a cat that keeps it cool while still having some extreme anger issues. Along side Unikitty is her Cloud Cuckoo Car which is basically a floating vehicle that honestly has a weird hover to it at times.


Once more Unikitty is ever charming with the voice work Alison Brie and they captured this character perfectly for the game. While not having big narrative moments her comments and jumps of joy while playing is well welcomed.

The characters hop about and actually pressing "A" will create a rainbow behind her jump which was hilarious. She also shoots rainbow blasts as a distance weapon and can do some great close combat.

Finally she's also got a super ability to turn angry by holding "B" that turns her into a giant rage monster like in the LEGO Movie and that was captured well for the game. The vehicle she comes with is also useful as it's essentially a spaceship and can fly though it does have a hard time with tight corners along with having a floaty feel to it.

LEGO Dimensions Unikitty Fun Pack

The Conclusion

While I personally own a collection of various Unikitty LEGO figures I still desired adding the game version to my collection as the character is just great. The minifigure if you don't have it is definitely worth getting the Cloud Cuckoo Car was also great.

Unikitty will be a great addition to your team and I know many individuals love this strangely awesome creature along with the weird quirks this cat provides.

LEGO Dimensions Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner