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"Brick Heroes"


LEGO The Incredibles is based on the two hit animated Disney Pixar films that follow the Parr family. It presents these in an odd way however as it immediately sends you off into the events of the second movie and then you unlock the first one. It's weird and either should have been the other way around or presented a choice. I get that they perhaps want to send you off into what's fresh, but it seems rather odd. The various level chapters do a fantastic job of covering the events of the two films even including audio from the movies in a fresh way. These are the characters you know, but in a fun LEGO format with some exclusive lines.

It brings the humor the LEGO series is known for to perhaps a lessened degree while perfectly capturing the family. This is a smaller entry in the LEGO series in terms of how expansive the character roster, I appreciated this as it didn't become too bloated. It really does focus on the core family getting their powers right and then having fun extras come in occasionally. The levels are excellent in length, fair in challenge for any audience and enjoyable to playthrough. There's even a whole large open city hub for players to explore in free play. This place has side missions, collectibles and lots of hidden secrets within an open world style environment.


This is very much your traditional LEGO game featuring a focus on local cooperative play. The best parts are where the family is together as ensemble with powers that really do complement one another. That's not to say I didn't appreciate the fun mix-ups, those were well done. They balanced traditional play well with new ways to solve puzzles and work through the levels. It felt fresh and there were some great action scenes.

I felt they overused the computer puzzle, it was every few minutes and I was tired of seeing that very early on. For the most part things ran fine, I still had the typical couple level crashes among other small bugs that the series is known for. Strangely with that, screen tearing was a massive problem showing up in every single cutscene on Xbox One X and during the fire filled level in the latter half of the game. It isn't a pleasant aspect and disappointingly distracting.
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The Conclusion

LEGO The Incredibles is a great entry in the series and one that's sure to please fans of the films. It captures the two movies perfectly well while expanding upon the narrative in a fun way that only these LEGO games could provide. They present the powers of the core family exactly as they are in film and provide many excellent segments to use them together in.

The levels are lengthy, providing countless hours and that's only backed further by the collectibles. There are many things to collect whether you're playing the regular levels or exploring the large hub area. I found the character roster to be limited and filled with some useless selections, I also hated the character pack opening as that was purely annoying. This is a good standalone, fans of the films will enjoy it and generally it's a fun game.

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LEGO The Incredibles Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner