Let's Sing 2018 Review

"Today's Hits, Standard Format"


Let's Sing 2018 is the latest iteration of this karaoke type game that scores based on performance and basically attention to detail for getting the lyrics correct. This package contains a variety of fairly modern songs that were all hits with a couple classics sprinkled in there. I'm not sure there's something for everyone, but if you like popular music then it should have a collection of what you're looking for. There's a decent selection of songs available with a number of extra classics present in the store as I took a look to see what was present.

I experienced Let's Sing 2018 on Nintendo Switch, it's limited for platforms though generally overall just a USB microphone is needed to play. The game is split into a number of modes and actually offers a fair bit in that regard. It has basic options to sing to the music in a freeplay type area and this can be done alone, against an AI or with a local friend. There are also lyrical versions, a mode where you match the pitch and some other ones that aim to jumble things around for some different variations on the music. It's a neat package with some unique modes that I didn't anticipate.


The presentation is incredibly clean, minimalistic and matches the music at play perfectly. There are typically music videos in the background with clear text running across the screen and bars to match your pitch to. It's easy to understand and play, I didn't like having to sing to start a song as that was weird. You get a score based on performance and obviously aim to be the best you can be. It's easy to get going and overall has a sleek looking interface. It was surprisingly good looking on the Nintendo Switch.
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The Conclusion

Let's Sing 2018 is a solid package of modern hits, it has a clean interface and many ways to enjoy the music. There's a good offering of modes, the selection of tracks is fair and hits the right notes. It was all presented very well being easy to read and this is just a smooth overall package. There shouldn't be any problems jumping into this and it should be a great time. It's not very complicated, and easy going for those that want a musical experience to sing to as they seem fairly rare this generation.

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Let's Sing 2018 Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner