Let's Sing 2019 Review

"Hot Hits to Sing"


July 19, 2019 at 2:11am
By Jason Stettner

In a time where there really aren’t any karaoke type games left, luckily Let’s Sing has stepped up to fill the gap. This 2019 entry delivers a selection of hot tracks, with some classic ones sprinkled in between. There are a number of ways to play, whether that’s alone or with others.

An innovative addition this year is that you can use both a traditional USB microphone, or an app on your phone to sing. The latter was what I used this time around, and it was great. It really does make sense, and streamlines things. The first mode is just a typical classic option, play the songs. There’s no need to unlock anything, just enjoy them in a variety of ways. One to four players can enjoy this mode. Another option is feat. where you sing your verses like the featured artist and this is for one to two players.

Next up is mixtape where you sing five song excerpts in a row, you can also make your own unique mixtape. This option allows one to four players. There’s also just a jukebox for listening along if you’d like to. The final mode is a multiplayer option titled LS World Contest, this is a head to head battle against one other player. There are plenty of ways to sing in this, and it’s actually quite well rounded.


The interface is really clean, music video in the backdrop and the words at the front. You get a sense of your score, and a good indication of how well you’re performing at any given time. They also added an avatar this time, this is neat and reactive. At the same time, I would have preferred an option to turn that off.

There’s a solid track list here, many good hits and some classics. Definitely something for everyone and I certainly enjoyed what was available. There’s popular music such as DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean”, Zedd’s “The Middle” and some classics such as Queen’s “I Want it All”. The options for input are solid, and it’s generally a clean experience the whole way through. This is well put together, and a great time for enjoyment.

There is a sense of progression as you do unlock things, but I mainly just appreciated everything being openly available to enjoy. If the core package isn’t enough, extra song pass options are present. With this being on the Nintendo Switch it looked fine, sharp and the music videos were just slightly lower in resolution than normal, at least I thought so. Really no issue there quite honestly.
Let's Sing 2019 Review Xbox Wallpaper Screenshot

The Conclusion

Let’s Sing 2019 brings some hot tracks, a clean presentation and many ways to play them. It’s an excellent karaoke type experience where you’ll aim to hit the notes, match the lyrics and compete. You can battle others online, or have fun locally as well. The input options benefit greatly by having the phone option, and it’s just an easy accessible way to play.

There’s a good selection of modes to play, with unique tweaks to common setups for singing. They definitely have fun with what’s available, and there’s a fair bit of content to it. I wasn’t a fan of the avatar system, but can appreciate what they were going for. This is generally an enjoyable way to sing to modern tracks, and it’s a cohesive package.

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Let's Sing 2019 Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 7.6

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner