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Farewell is a sorrowing must play story for those that loved Life is Strange. It doesn't hold as much importance in Before the Storm, but it does directly impact that and more or less perfectly connect with the original season. I found this episode to be rather predictable, yet the journey towards the ending was masterfully portrayed. Having the original voice actors return was incredible and you could immediately get a sense for the well balanced chemistry the two have with their characters.

You once again jump into the shoes of Max as she attempts to deal with a very hard situation. This is played out through a regular day of nostalgia in the sense of what these two experience and what we see with reflection to both seasons of the series. Your choices aren't quite as impactful here due to the nature of this closed off tale though it does hurt all the same. You get a look at a very influential point in the story and it's quite something. There's still all the charm you love, but it does really want you to take things slow and that pacing was solid here.


The Life is Strange series is a third person cinematic focused story where players have some input. The world looks charming with a unique art style and that shown really well here with some of the new sets. This particular episode focuses on a more intimate experience being a closed tale that takes place entirely within the Price house.

It's slow in pacing which works well for the emotional impacts that are displayed. The game is also looking better than ever due to a recent Xbox One X Enhancement where players can choose a high frame rate or a higher resolution, both options are great. You essentially interact with the world to prompt dialogue while looking for photo moments like in the original series.

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The Conclusion

Life is Strange's Farewell episode is a perfect way to tie the whole series together. It's an emotional small piece of the history in the game between two excellent leads. You get a more innocent moment in time that's filled with bittersweet moments and sorrowing conclusions. It was just a blast to jump in with these two again as they really do excel when paired together.

They're definitely quite a bit younger and that whole abilities thing is out of the way, and it's great here. There's no huge mystery or problem, just moments of joy and sorrow set against a house you've visited before. I had so many moments of remembrance as I thought back to certain comments, spots and situations that were revisited. If you're a fan of the series, this is something you have to play as you're missing out on a key moment.

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Review on Xbox One X
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