Life is Strange Review

"Episode 2: Out of Time"


The second episode for Life is Strange has finally arrived with actually great timing between the first episode. Unlike the Telltale games I like getting my stories completed quicker and DontNod has definitely gotten that down. Things are also much different now that Max is starting to understand her powers and continues to foresee events set up in the first portion of this massive tornado apocalypse event.

The atmosphere the scenery is just as lovely as the first time around as we see even more of the town and learn a bit more about Chloe. The events in this were also a lot more emotionally focused and climaxed into a particularly almost helpless scenario. Again, this is so far an amazing series in a seamless bright world.


The graphics and scenery for the game were very beautiful with the cinematic style being very well done. There also isn't any difference moving from cutscene to actual gameplay which this game had a surprisingly great amount. While cinematic choice games are great, I like more play time then just watching and making decisions which was present here.

The choices are also neat as not much is set in stone, though you can feel at times that certain things may come back against you in the future. Additionally there's a great collectible mode if you miss any photo moments in the story making it easier to get them without ruining choices.
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The Conclusion

Out of Time provides deeper elements of the story and only grows the crazy dark ominous spirit that encases the city. Max gains some extra knowledge of her powers and this actually quite scares me as the choices to make things how we want them to be might not always be there later on in the story.

The amount of issues Max will have to face is only growing larger as this episode broadened the horizon for what horrible things might come to light. I only hope that with a few tricks that'll be able to progress with an ending that's somewhat bright.

Life is Strange Review on Xbox One

Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner