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"Loudly Alternative"


The aliens have arrived and it's up to some bands from the top of alternative charts to take on this menace. The game is based around playing to the rhythm and hitting the beat to blast away at a series of approaching aliens. It's quite a colorful game and the concepts work well as I miss having a steady set of music games releasing. I was even more impressed with the setlist for the game which is split into sections where you'll need to complete a certain amount of songs to continue.

The top artists included which I quite enjoyed were CHVRCHES (favorite current band); Metric, Lights, Tegan and Sara and Purity Ring to name a few. Each band has two songs included within the game that are available in separate areas so you'll need to play a couple in order to unlock the next set. The goal of the game is to survive the songs against the waves of oncoming aliens that offer some decent variation in their approach and the game offers a good challenge.

I initially had some troubles getting into the game as I'm not great on rhythm though once I got the beat I was storming through it. It's actually quite intense at moments as you would be hitting multiple markers to zap the aliens across the various lanes which looked great. There's also three difficulties available for each song though they can be quite challenging and I did feel as though the game could have benefitted from additional modes.


The game looks great carrying a fun cartoon style that has transferred each of these groups into the game with an assortment of personalized battle attacks. It was truly a nice touch for the game capturing all the artists and there was also a decent amount of aliens present in comparison to the amount of levels in the game.

The music was also great and matching attacks to the beat was very rewarding when you did get on sync. Aside from hitting the buttons on beat to send out blasts you eventually build up bonus power-ups while playing and you can place them on the various lanes. These include things like fog machines, bouncers or amps which help block the alien advance.
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The Conclusion

LOUD on Planet X is a solid rhythm based game with a fantastic selection of songs with many of them being current hits that I regularly listen to. I'd definitely suggest checking this out just based on the music, but the actual gameplay itself is also solid.

It can be a bit difficult to master the beat, but once you do it's quite awesome zapping the various aliens. While I would have liked to see some more modes to the game to create better replay ability the selection of levels was solid and the game was very enjoyable.

LOUD on Planet X Review on Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner