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"Real Player Motion"


Madden NFL 19 is the latest entry in this long running Football simulation that focuses on improving movement for further realism. This is also the most complete release of the generation for Madden getting all the modes together and moving forward. There's also the next entry for The Longshot which is Madden's attempt at providing a narrative. After the events of the last release, continue to follow Devin Wade and Colt Cruise on their journey. There's Wade trying to make it with the Cowboys and Cruise attempting to sing while dealing with a new youth in his life.

The latter is incredibly boring and for some reason the focus for most of it. This was not a very interesting attempt at telling a story as it was slow, you couldn't skip the extended cutscenes that having nothing to do with Football and there wasn't much gameplay. Even the points with gameplay felt forced as you were mostly having to hit specific strides, but they offer a skip if you can't perform occasionally. I liked the flashback sequences as those were fun, but it felt awkward and disjointed for the most part.


The visuals of Madden NFL 19 on Xbox One X are gorgeous, just stunning. After the last release got a late update to enhance the visuals, this entry launches with it. The results are impressive, with sun based matches truly emulating realism. I felt the snow needs a bit more work while the rain is in definite need of attention. One of the best aspects of this year's release is the improvements to Real Player Motion.

The interactions are better, the impacts feel more fluid and I enjoyed the many options for sending the ball forward. There are still minor issues with character clipping, but it's gotten better. I've noticed more team with other team interactions and that was good. There are also a pile of celebrations in an easy to use format and it's nice to see that more present.
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The Conclusion

Madden NFL 19 delivers on refining the important elements of gameplay, carrying forward all of the modes with enhancements and disappoints with The Longshot. I may sound quite negative when focusing on just The Longshot, but there's a full game here aside from just the story. It was also a generally fine story aside from being boring and focusing on the wrong things.

All of the modes are back with various improvements including Madden Ultimate Team, franchises or the online multiplayer. It's all been refined playing better than before and that attitude is carried forward to the visuals which are impressive. It's a great simulation of Football and Madden NFL 19 is a great next step for the series.

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Madden NFL 19 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner