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"Perfect Spiderman"


Marvel's Spider-Man is one spectacular take on the character providing an expansive unique narrative and one epic world to explore them within. This is seriously just a perfect presentation of this iconic character and it's amazing that they were able to present this level of quality to a specific hero. This is a type of game that hits all audiences from the hardcore fans of Spiderman, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe viewers of today. The story is fresh, it uses so many characters from the comic lore and does so in new surprising ways. There are so many layers to what's going on, with countless twists along the way. You're never sure where things are going and it continues to surprise.

It's a lengthy tale that's packed with extra content and activities to take part in. There are even side missions to work through and it's crazy to see such an amazing world. It's hard to even describe just how much content is present and it's more well thought out than in past titles. That being said, it also would have been nice to see more fun type events like they did have in previous entries. I didn't necessarily miss them, but it was definitely more serious in tone. You really do get a more mature and darker take on Spiderman here. He's grown up a bit and is a more confident character, this helps kick things off faster while presenting a powerful set of initial skills to grow. It was emotional, dark and had many moments that felt epic while still giving off that fun heroism you expect from Peter Parker.


The visuals are gorgeous, this is one good looking world. I was very impressed by the design of the suit and the secondary ones available to unlock. The aesthetic of the character was perfect and it was a complete joy to swing across the city. This is probably the first time I've ever opted out of fast travel as I just loved moving through this lively city. The crowds were dynamic, you could interact with them and it was great. That interaction is carried further during combat segments as the world was your assistant in mayhem.

You could push enemies into objects or walls, slam things down or generally bounce off areas for an extra effect. There were options for stealth play or even just to get into the action right away. The character felt strong, and only got better with a plethora of skills or gadgets to upgrade. It's shocking how much depth is here from a fully realized city to a ton of side objects to collect. These collectibles also actually matter as they go into unlocking abilities and suits. It's a seamless adventure that performs well, looks great and feels right.
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The Conclusion

Marvel's Spider-Man is one spectacular and perfect game that truly captures the character. It has all the fun you expect would come with being the web slinger while also having darker moments and of course that charming wit. The narrative is incredible, it delivers when it needs to and is long, yet well balanced. There are tons of side activities to take part in and it's just an enjoyable time. I had fun purely swinging along and then striking into epic fights. Every single little skirmish felt unique with so many ways to remove enemies from their combative nature.

It looked cool, felt great and was just one awesome game. I really love this hero and it's amazing to see this quality of a game based on him. Peter Park is awesome and you get to see all sides of his life from busy regular person, to costumed hero. The people in his life matter here with complex side stories and this is told through multiple perspectives. There were many layers here and the story twisted in neat ways. I thought some of the side puzzles were a bit boring for a Spiderman experience, but these were so minimal in the overall adventure. It was more or less, just get me back to swinging around. I can't wait to see more from this universe.

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Marvel's Spider-Man Review on Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner