Meow Motors Review

"Meow Karting"


March 30, 2020 at 3:57am
By Jason Stettner

This is an arcade kart racing title where you play as one of many unique felines battling it out to be the best racer. There are two ways to play, the first is a campaign where you’re trying to earn stars and progress. The second is a quick race option where you’re easily able to jump into the action.

This is also the area where you can play up to four players splitscreen which is a nice touch. Back to the campaign, there are actually a good number of races to take part in being a fairly lengthy experience. The extra value is aiming to hit the best mark of three stars in a race, or going into quick race for more action.

It might have been nice to see an extra mode or so, but what’s here is generally just a solid experience. There are three key modes to play including circles races, drifts and a strike option. These offer enough of a variation that it continues to feel fresh as you do race along towards victory.


I thought the visuals were excellent for Meow Motors. They look great, are filled with detail and a sense of scale. There was a nice use of color, and most of the worlds just popped with a well balanced level of vibrancy. There are a good variety of options for racing when it comes to the environments and the layouts of the tracks present.

It surprisingly features twenty unique tracks, which is a more than solid offering for a karting game. The roster of the kitties was interesting, as were their special character abilities. I had a similar thought on the vehicles as they were great, and well varied. It would have been nice to get additional customization options for the vehicles, but it was about as deep as they really did need to get here.

They have some neat power-ups that you can pick up, and it feels authentic to what racing cats might be using assuming they were doing this sort of competition. There’s a clean interface, and the vehicles generally handle quite well. The difficulty felt balanced, and gives a good enough challenge. This should be a fine offering for all ages in that regard.
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The Conclusion

Meow Motors is a great karting game offering a lengthy campaign to race through and a nicely setup quick race option to supplement that. This is a lot of fun whether you’re racing alone against the AI, or are paired up for local four player splitscreen multiplayer. It might have been nice to have an extra mode or so, but the content here is fine enough.

I liked the designs of the characters, and the tracks as well. There’s a nice selection of areas to race on, and a good amount of settings to race with. I liked what they did here, and it was generally just a fun time. I can see a wide range of audiences enjoying this experience, and finding value in what it does provide.

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Meow Motors Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner