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Interview with Michelle Ruff, read or watch below.

To starts things off, how did you get into Voice Acting?

Michelle: I was working at a talent agency in Michigan, going to school at Michigan State for production. Guy I was working for wanted to sign me up for a radio commercial and I wasn't too into it. He said just go, it would be fun. I went and did the audition. A week later I was in the car with my roommate and we're driving. She's like, isn't that you and I was like, yes that is me. They had lifted my audition and had used it for the commercial without booking me or calling me back for the spot.

I eventually did get paid, I then moved to Chicago and I was trying to find work in production and it was difficult/hard to break into there. I was bartending at this really great spot in Chicago, The Burwood Tap and started taking classes at Second City. I started doing improv, workshops and one thing led to another with me getting an agent. I did a voiceover demo there and I started work there, industrial stuff such as voices for toys.

This came out of the improv stuff and such?

Michelle: The Second City thing really, I mean I always had an interest in it after the stint in Michigan. I did a few other commercials after the one I booked and then from there moved to LA and things just sort of blossomed. LA is such a huge market, so many different areas and avenues for voiceovers. I answered an ad in a publication called Backstage West for Ninja Cadets and that was my first anime.

Going off of Fujiko, she's a really chameleonic super spy kind of assassin, where do you draw from when playing a character that's constantly sneaking and always taking a different role?

Michelle: She's not an assassin, she's very self-serving and always looking for the next scam. I think that she's a survivor and she's just looking for a way to get along in her world. Her way is being a thief and her and Lupin are a perfect match. I just look at her as a very smart, sexy woman that knows how to use her prowess to get what she wants.

You also voice Luna from Sailor Moon and how do you approach that character?

Michelle: The producers wanted her to be somewhat of a big sister and they didn't want her to be motherly. Yes, to be the voice of reason and in that craziness that goes on. The approach to that with the audition I sent in was completely different than what we ended up with. We want you to voice Luna, but we don't want you to do what you did and we're taking it in a different direction. You don't know how many times I've come after an audition and it's nothing like what you did in the audition.

Is there any particular that draws you to a character?

Michelle: I always try to look for the vulnerability in a character and even in a strong character. I always look for that one thing and I like to layer my characters. Sometimes you have one note characters and those are fun to play. I like to bring and look for whatever the underlining motive is to play that.

Michelle: In ending, thank you to the fans and I appreciate your support and continued love. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @michelleruffvo1.

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