Minecraft Xbox Add-Ons Support Confirmed

Minecraft continues to only get better with the Better Together update that brings cross-play to multiple platforms including Windows 10; Mobile Pocket Edition (Android/IOS), Virtual Reality, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

With that, many players will now be able to access the magical Minecraft Add-ons that completely change the game. These will be available for any console that has support for a USB device and Xbox One has multiple. The add-ons are available through purchased Community Store content, worlds that have packs in place such as private worlds or Realms and via USB as mentioned.

This means that the files that change up the entire game will essentially bring mods to the consoles. For those that don't know much about what these are I'll go into some more depth about why they're so awesome.

Minecraft Better Together Cover Art
The first thing to note is that the vanilla files are supplied by Mojang and somewhat official for the game. They allow players to alter the code of the game to tweak things such as music, textures or the behaviors of creatures.

This allows for some wild changes and while it's newer, we're seeing some incredible things. These won't cause any harm to your console as the file format is just designed to work with the game and that's all. It should also be worth noting that having behavior based add-ons in worlds will disable achievements whereas texture based ones don't.

If you're not sure if the packs will remove achievements, the game will make mention of it at the top of the screen. The packs can be downloaded online or created and then packed as a special package. You then take that package and import it into Minecraft, it's simple and honestly amazing.

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