Mini DayZ Review

Instead of working on finishing the full version of DayZ we're now presented with a mobile version of the same experience. Jokes aside, the game does aim to emulate the full process one might expect in the main game but in solo. You'll run away from zombies and other hazardous folks while trying to build a boat.

The game is split it into multiple days and locations with a boat at the end to fix. Once you finish fixing the boat, you'll go to another island which is essentially the same and start again though you'll have existing gear/supplies. It's all about seeing how far you can go and that's it. There's not really anything to the game and while it carries some depth I lost interest very quickly. Running through the level you use a map as a guide and then head into homes for looting.

You'll come across all sorts of items and need to quickly decide what's essential for survival. Limited space is available depending on your ability to collect better clothes or bags to hold things. It's got all the staples of DayZ including keeping track of health; drinking water, eating food and temperature.

It's a streamlined version of this and works fairly well in emulating that aspect of the main game. Zombies, dogs and other monsters run around randomly trying to get you occasionally getting stuck on things. I also noticed some performance issues and honestly there doesn't seem like a whole lot is going on in the game so that was puzzling.

Mini DayZ Screenshot IOS

I wasn't that impressed with Mini DayZ finding it to capture the essence of the regular game while providing a pointless end game. The whole point of the core game is the interactions with others online and by switching to a solo experience it just takes away the soul of it.

The mechanics carried a fair bit of depth though I can't imagine players will be interested in playing very long without something more for progression. I did like that ads were minimal and there wasn't any microtransactions present at least at launch. The only option present is watching an ad for a supply drop which honestly isn't worth it. Mini DayZ is alright for a very short period of time, though I'm finished with it.

Mini DayZ Review on IOS

Rating Overall: 5.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner