MLB The Show 19 Review

"The Real Park"


April 8, 2019 at 6:20pm

The latest entry in this Baseball simulation title brings various improvements and a pile of modes. There are many ways to play, whether you're looking historically or at the current time. If you want to play the current season there are quickplay options, a GM mode and a selection for making your way to the majors. There are even accelerated modes available if you want a speedier entry point.

Keep in mind that Baseball tends to take awhile, and not everyone is as patient as you may very well be. It's nice and accessible in that regard. Everything you would expect is present, and expanded upon. Looking to the past there are "Moments", these allow you to play iconic moments whether they're classic or more recent. Building on that is a fun retro mode where you get to experience a more classic take on the sport. A casual, true arcade style of Baseball and it is enjoyable.

MLB The Show 19 really does have it all if you're looking for a hardcore simulation of the sport that's well rounded. It's actually a lot to take in, and this was my first dive into the series. There is a card system layering behind this, it allows you to work towards getting a selection of fancy gear for your players. To build on that further, there's Diamond Dynasty which features streamlined missions and many rewards to play for. There really are just a pile of ways to play, something for everyone that enjoys the sport. It's hard to cover all elements, and I'm mostly trying to touch on key points here. To find a balance between what you might expect returning, or getting an idea of it for the first time.


The visuals are fairly impressive as the game does capture a realistic look at the sport. There's a lot of depth present and authenticity within the various arenas, from which are many. I did notice some slight performance dips, but these seemed to mostly be during certain cinematic type showcases, nothing actual gameplay wise stood out.

I would have liked a bit more detail in the character models as well, there was something slightly off about the look of people in the crowd and some of the players. Not a huge deal, as this does look rather solid overall. There's a lot of depth in the visuals of the environment and the options for how to control all elements of the game are excellent. They can be as simplistic, or complex as you want them to be which is great for accessibility.

The presentation is authentic to the sport, with commentary that feels right in comparison to watching a game on TV. When it comes to customization you can edit all sorts of things and there's a ton of depth when creating your own player. Edit tons of facial, body and other selections as well as many animation stances. It's certainly impressive when it comes to editing your experience.
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The Conclusion

MLB The Show 19 delivers an authentic and expansive presentation of Baseball, being a true simulation of the sport. It covers basically all of the grounds for modes. Work through traditional seasons whether you're doing that as a player, or running a team. Do this with accelerated options, or take more casual routes. Play locally, compete online with others and tweak the settings to be whatever you'd like.

You can enjoy a Home Run Derby to score as many home runs as possible, play in a retro style that has a charm to it or just play classic big moments. There are many large scale moments, and you get a full rundown of what happened. Some of these are brief, others take place over a number of matches. If you pick the really old ones it goes black and white, that was entertaining. Generally I'm impressed with the look of the game, I had some minor issues though this is the best Baseball game out there and certainly the most authentic.

I was shocked by how good the control options are and just how easily you're able to decide what you'd like to use. The retro mode is fun, it was great to jump into exhibition matches which I typically enjoy for sporting titles. There's also just a pile of modes; so however in-depth you're wanting to get, the options are there. I can't speak to the various physics based improvements, but many elements of that were over hauled. Again, this was my first run with the series and it definitely hits the mark well.

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MLB The Show 19 Review on Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.3

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