Monster Slayers Review

"Cards of the Dungeon"


Battle it out in this turn based game focused around Monster Slayers. Pick a hero, any hero. It doesn't matter as they will most likely perish fairly soon. You can customize them to a minor degree, but it's best to not get very attached. This is a permadeath situation within a rogue-lite environment where your progress is measured in fame and used for special forward carrying bonuses. You'll need to pick a class that works to your advantage and then head into the dungeon to face the challenges.

There are multiple areas to choose from with access changing with each playthrough. While working within the areas you'll battle varying levels of enemies and choose your path. It's completely different each time with a boss being your match at the end. Each area has its own unique boss and general enemies. Along the way you'll reach events that can change up gameplay, health stations or even merchants among other surprises. There's a good balance and quite a lot of difficulty as death does come often. If you're lucky, you'll get an extra friend to help out during combat.


The entire game is streamlined in design featuring simple cartoon-like graphics that I'd strangely compare to Scribblenauts. There are many creepy monsters, and a number of determined heroes. The cards are the core of the experience, and each class has its own set. You then go forward customizing, collecting and evolving your stack as you progress. This doesn't carry over between playthroughs, and it's sorrowing to lose a really good deck.

There are some really interesting twists that can come into play and it's great to see how the decks match up. Keep in mind your enemies have cards too and depending on the situation, these might cause lots of damage. Each turn allows you to have a stack of cards, but there are other variables that can alter how much you can place at once.
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The Conclusion

Monster Slayers is a fine game, it's an interesting take on turn based action with the unique deck system. There are many classes to choose from and a number of areas to attempt with each being different every time you go to play.

It's very challenging so you may have to play it many times before you get a handle on things. The decks are varied, the card system is complex and there are ever so many variables to the action. You can certainly get a lot of gameplay out of this as you fight through the dungeons, tackle the big monsters and level up your skills behind the core combat that's going on.

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Monster Slayers Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner