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Mothergunship is all about the guns as you blast your way towards victory. This is a dungeon crawling experience with blazing weapons that you yourself create with the scraps you collect. Each area of the many ships you'll wage war upon is special as it's setup with procedural generation. A build upon the previous effort from Tower of Guns. This is definitely a refinement of that experience keeping the fun will humor, adding a better narrative and expanding just how wild things can get. You're not directly battling enemies, but instead this series of turrets and other deadly traps as you work towards the core.

At times you will however come across a massive boss and you'll need quick wits to be able to defeat them. Every challenge is fresh here as the main goal is to get good scrap pieces to build a badass weapon. It's free in how you set it up offering too many combination options for a kickass time. I was surprised by the story quality as they had fun with it bringing in a wide range of characters to help out along your journey. Aside from just the story are some endless options to keep on gunning.


Mothergunship is a single player game with coop being planned as a future free update to the experience. The guns are awesome as you move fluidly through levels. Based on what you collect you'll be able to enhance your own abilities and the weapons you hold. I created some wacky guns with some featuring saw blades whereas others shot ricocheting flames.

It was crazy, but also sorrowing as death will make you lose your pieces. You're able to enter a level with a selection of scraps to make guns, and it can easily be lost by perishing. You get to have two guns and how much you play or well explore a dungeon will determine how developed they can become.
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The Conclusion

Mothergunship is a blast with unlimited weapon customization and dynamic levels that always keep it fresh. There was a fun side of things since the campaign was not at all serious. There's a narrative there and it works as a good companion to you blasting through dangerous environments.

It really does feel like a proper evolution from Tower of Guns keeping that style and completely revamping the feeling. This all comes together in a great way being an enjoyable experience with fun twists the entire way through. A grand time for sure, with lots of content and hopefully the coop is enjoyable when that arrives as this review was written prior to it being included.

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Mothergunship Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner