Move or Die Playstation 4 Review

"Keep in Motion"


March 25, 2019 at 3:07am

I had originally covered this game on PC in the past, it makes more sense however to see it on the console. It’s great that the game has made its way to Playstation 4, hopefully it’ll grace other consoles down the road. Move or Die is one of those wild party games where four players battle it out in a series of absolutely crazy arenas. The game connects these four players whether it's online with matchmaking or locally with bots/friends if you have them. The goal is to generally come together for some mini game action.

Players connect to a lobby, pick their character and then choose which of the game types from the listing they’d like to play. This list is randomly played throughout the selected time for the matches which usually seems to be picked at five minutes and you'd be quite surprised at just how many matches can actually be played in that small amount of time. While most mini games take a moderate length I'd be surprised if any of these last even close to thirty seconds. Each of the game types has a frantic pacing to them.

There's also an even greater variety present than what was available on PC, so just a pile of activities to battle within. Some examples of these mini games are ones where you were be dodging deathly red cubes, another was trying to paint the squares of the room with your colors and a final example was about speeding through a obstacle type course. They're certainly wild in design and that's where the charm of the game comes in as it's very competitive. This in turn makes for a great party game that I'm sure many will enjoy as it's got that quick play and continue style that people love.


Going with the title of the game you have to be constantly moving in side motions or you explode, that also means that hopping doesn't fix your death movement meter. It does add a certain element of surprise as if you’re careful, you’ll pop. It's a very simple game to play as you just literally move around and occasionally get a new option for special modes that require the extra input.

It has an intriguing visual look to it that's quite fun, though it definitely has a gory side that's hidden behind a cartoon layering. For local play things are easy to get going though for online the action will be as exciting as the amount of players that are invested in playing it. The bots are also very competent, smart and will definitely kill you.
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The Conclusion

Move or Die is a fairly simple game that excels at creating a truly wild party atmosphere. I'm sure if you just play online against randoms or are able to grab some friends you're going to have a great time in this. There will be laughs, yelling and screaming while you battle it out. There are just a pile of mini games currently present so there’s a ton to do.

This game will also have a strong lasting appeal as the games are varied, fast paced and it feels fresh since you won’t be sure what’s going to pop up next. If you’re looking for a great multiplayer title, then this delivers on the action. It’s great for playing with random others online, or locally with friends. You can also battle bots if you need to, they can be savage at times.

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Move or Die Playstation 4 Review on Playstation 4
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner