Murderous Pursuits Review

"Tag Murdering"


Murderous Pursuits is all about eliminating marks and doing so with a bit of stealth. This is a multiplayer focused game with fairly empty servers, but competent bots fill in the missing slots. They provide a good challenge, yet it still isn't quite the same. Whatever the case, this game is very much a streamlined version of The Ship. Although it does seem to play more like the competitive multiplayer options from Assassin's Creed. Across a series of tight maps players venture around on a couple floors looking for a mark to eliminate.

Your target is pre-selected and you're always in the know of where they generally are. From there your selection of skills help in finding and successfully removing your target of its life. The targets can stun if they're onto you and that's really all the game is. This can all be played locally against just bots or in servers where you don't really run into others. I can see some are playing, yet the servers will just not stack people in a match with one another.


I really loved the visual look of Murderous Pursuits, they're something about the aesthetics that were charming. Each location is filled to the brim with items and interactive points to blend into the crowd. The maps did feel crowded which is good, yet at the same time there wasn't any room to be sneaky.

The interface is clean, as are the things you unlock as you level up. Within each level are a number of new weapons that grant bonus points for kills, you'll need to be swapping them constantly for the best possible score. Movement works well, yet it is quite easy to see targets which makes the experience less surprising.
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The Conclusion

Murderous Pursuits is fun to play, there just isn't much to the game and it comes across as a simplified version of The Ship. It does however take out some of the more strategic parts of that game in favor of something that feels more like murder tag.

I was hoping for something with more complexity and that just wasn't present here. It's great for a couple matches every one and while, it would be better if it had a stronger community supporting it though the bots are alright. There's a decent amount of levels present and the visuals were very impressive. I didn't find Murderous Pursuits to be anything too unique, but it can be enjoyable in smaller bursts.

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Murderous Pursuits Review on PC
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Rating Overall: 6.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner