Music Match Review

"Matching the Tunes"


May 24, 2020 at 3:07am
By Jason Stettner

This is an interesting musical matching game where you’re aiming to put small segments of the same song together. You’ll have to do this within a block selection of twelve choices. The goal is to complete the pairings as quickly as possible while attempting not to get any mismatches. The better you do, the higher score you’ll get. This score is then compared globally, and you’ll get a ranking on the leaderboards.

These blocks of songs are composed of a single artist from which you choose. The selection of songs are changed each time, so the matches will always be different. They seemed to have every artist I desired, even some more obscure options. Initially some of the artists I desired weren’t available, but doube checking prior to the review it seems to really hit most of them.

That being said, at times it would filter in covers or not necessarily the correct iteration of the artist. It’s seamless in that it’s quick to search and play, at the same time a more refined choice out of a list for artists near what I chose would have been appreciated. It might have been neat to have a similar artist via genre option. It also would have been nice to maybe be able to filter in a few artists into a single selection to get some more variety. Past that, perhaps some modes that change things up further as this is very concise in what it provides.


Using Apple Music this is able to generate a wide range of songs, and even pop in some album covers which is fun to see revealed when you get the correct options. It’s a very simplistic, and minimalistic experience. You pick your own name, and enjoy a rolling selection of albums from which you’ve searched. The search is simple, with a randomize choice or even some featured artists.

A neat layering on top of the game are Beat Coins, these can factor into your scores. You can buy them as a microtransaction, or earn them by playing the featured artists. The game is supported by ads, though these are light and non-intrusive. You can pay to remove the ads for a fair price point. A final note is that there is a level system as well, to provide an extra goal to work towards.
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The Conclusion

Music Match is a fine way to listen to tunes from your various artists, turning it into a gaming experience and it works smoothly with what it provides. It doesn’t have a whole lot to it, but I think it does cover the basis of what it aims to accomplish. I enjoyed playing it, and the challenge of matching songs from artists I know quite well.

It’s neat as it’s just small portions of the songs, and it can be difficult to get the matches just right. I thought this was a rather creative use of Apple Music, and a fun time to be had. It’s got some neat extra gaming mechanics to it, I just wish that it perhaps had more going on. I also do somewhat question the inclusion of the coins in regards to score, but I don’t mind too much as it was a just for fun experience for me.

Update: Developer wanted this noted. "main free stream to earn Beat Coins is to own records on artists and if other players attack them (they lower the scores) and it earns the owner most of the Beat Coins"

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Music Match Review on IOS
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Rating Overall: 6.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner