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November 12, 2019 at 7:29pm
By Jason Stettner

Super Lucky's Tale is still an adorable platformer that follows Lucky, a fox that takes on the evil Kitty Litter crew. This Litter is a group of cats that each have their own distinct quirk and world to watch after. This causes our lead to need to work through a series of levels and differing worlds in order to defeat them all. The core game isn't too long and instead extends time by requiring the collection of clovers. These clovers are given through the completion of levels, finding secrets and gathering collectibles.

There are also some extra mini puzzle levels to work through, but you'll still have a lot of replay in order to find clovers to even pass the third world area. It's more frustrating to be locked out of a game due to collecting. That being said, the game has been greatly expanded upon after its initial release on Xbox One and Windows 10 in the past. It has all of the extra DLC content and even more on top of that for this “New” release.

It’s a fair bit of extra content and definitely does make this feel like more of a complete release which is great. The levels are quick though well developed offering a constantly unique challenge throughout your journey. Each of these worlds offer varying biomes, designs and creatures to run into. These come in the form of NPCs that are friendly or with the Litter sending a friendly taunt towards you.

The levels often have some sort of puzzle completion or escape aspect that lead towards collecting a clover at the end of them. There are of course collectibles as mentioned, within each level and even in the hub areas prior to loading into a level. At the end of every few levels is a boss fight and these areas require collected clovers to continue.


I was very surprised by how polished and great it looks on the Nintendo Switch. This is whether you’re on the go with it undocked or plugged in. I was shocked by the visual quality even on a 4k resolution TV, A surprisingly clean quality to it. I can see some areas where it drags behind, but really well done optimization here.

They also improve the cinematic elements which was appreciated and we get some far better camera handling. I will note that there’s quite a fair bit of long loading, about thirty seconds to enter a level. The game is incredibly simple so all ages can play it though I found it to be rather basic when working through it. It's got a nice cute and adorable style as Lucky works through the worlds so don't expect anything too dark here.

Levels vary in length though are often fast paced with a 3D style, 2D design or some small special mix-up angle. The combat isn't intense and most areas are very easy to work through as multiple lives are present. Some of the secrets provide extra difficulty and will take some better platforming skills to perform.
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The Conclusion

New Super Lucky’s Tale definitely improves upon what I found to be a generally solid game, the extra content is appreciated the polish is great on Nintendo Switch. I’m still not a fan of the progression at times, and the loading was a bit annoying as well. I find the clover system to be a terrible way to block progression and it somewhat makes the game feel light in actual gameplay, that is better with the extra content in this release however.

The story was fine, the younger audience will really enjoy the game though the older audience might get bored or not feel as if there's enough of a challenge at times. It does get slightly more difficult as you progress obviously, but generally gameplay and the small amount of present puzzles aren't hard to complete.

I do still marvel at the variations within the levels, usually always something different. It’s just a solid platformer, hopefully we get to see more adventures from this character in the future. Nice to see it arrive on the Nintendo Switch as it fits the platform quite well.

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New Super Lucky's Tale Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 7.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner