NieR:Automata: BECOME AS GODS Edition Review

"Many Plays"


NieR:Automata: BECOME AS GODS Edition is the special Xbox One release of the game that finally brings the intense tale to the platform. This includes all released DLC for the game making this the complete package. It's also Xbox One X enhanced which provides a beautiful effort to increase the visuals. The story of NieR:Automata takes place in the far future where the humans have been driven to the moon. There's a mystery here and you'll discover it across multiple playthroughs of the story. This is one of those titles that you absolutely must play multiple times to truly get the whole experience.

It's an emotional tale as well with the more information you unravel as time goes on. It follows a group of androids, the soldiers sent to take back a lost Earth. You get to see an interesting transition within their personalities and that leads to some really dynamic, meaningful moments. It's a mix of linear missions and open world environments. There's a nice meld there and I was shocked at just how much the experience swaps up camera angles, it's beautiful in that regard. You can also take on side missions which are typically found within the peaceful hub areas you come across. There are boss fights as well with each being a creative setup and I was always surprised by how different the challenge was.


NieR:Automata shines on Xbox One X, the visuals are impressive with a gorgeous lighting that really helps highlight they destroyed world. There were some small visual bugs, but nothing that detracts from the sights or experience with that mostly being in some of the free roam areas. The regular levels all looked great and there's one amusement area that really delights with a special atmosphere. The characters looked great with a unique style whether that was during the always shifting gameplay or within the cutscenes.

The combat was fluid, it looked great and I was amazed at how much it changes even within the same level. Sometimes you'll be in what I'd consider the default third person action angle, but then you might be in a mech flying around or at an over the top perspective. You're able to fully customize the weapons with new upgrades and there's a deep level of RPG customization here. The enemies feel similar as you progress, but every area evolves them in a way that surprises you the more you learn about the lore here.
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The Conclusion

NieR:Automata: BECOME AS GODS Edition is an amazing experience and it's that much better on Xbox One X with this enhanced offering. It's great to see a special complete edition land on the platform as this is a narrative that should be experienced. It's deep in meaning and adds great gameplay value by having you discover new horizons across multiple playthroughs.

The combat is excellent, it feels intense and is gorgeous. This is a visual treat that is particularly great with the enhancement, a great way to experience the game for those that might not be aware of the established series. There's a lot of content to it with this being a mighty single player narrative.

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NieR:Automata: BECOME AS GODS Edition Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 9.0

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