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"Rushing Destruction"


Onrush is a racing title of pure adrenaline that does something entirely new within the genre. You're not exactly engaging in a traditional race as instead of hitting the checkpoints you're attempting to smash others and complete objectives. This is done in a team setup whether you're playing locally with AI or online with others. The main aspect of the game is the multiplayer quickplay where you just roll through a series of gametypes. In the single player content you're aiming to win events and gain stars by completing objectives within them.

This is done across a series of race setups with different goals, it is however nothing too special as you work towards the shiny inaugural cup. Other solo content includes a custom match section where you can setup the type of racing you'd like to have. While it does seem like a lot, it does also come across as limited in content. There's only a few gametypes present and with lots of content based around that I had still wanted more. It's still a truly thrilling time, I just worry about the longevity of the experience. The first mode is one where you smash for points, another is about hitting small checkpoints for the time and the other option is fighting for moving zones.


Onrush is gorgeous, the level of detail is absolutely incredible and on Xbox One X it's a stunning visual treat. There are two options that both look great, one that favors a push to 4k resolution and another that pushes things to a high frame rate of 60fps. I prefer the former as the visuals are amazing, but either are great and the HDR really does add a lovely glow to it all. The terrain is very detailed and there are so many little things going on that make this a wild ride. Not only is there a large amount of vehicles clashing, but there are destructible environments and piles of particle effects constantly spill onto the screen.

If that's not enough, the maps can be played across different seasons, times of the day and some weather based tweaks. It makes every play feel special as you never know what condition you'll face. The cars all handle well and there are a plethora of options that each do their own thing. This can be customized like with the riders and your tombstone. These cosmetic items are unlocked through loot crates which you earn in a large quantity. The goal of Onrush is to constantly be building your rush, once you've boosted enough it'll be filled and you can unleash which is great. That mixed with the excellent soundtrack make this one awesome joy ride of car carnage.
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The Conclusion

Onrush is a truly awesome experience, it's a completely fresh racing title that aims to provide something that's purely fun. This game throws out the traditional racing rules and let's wrecking the competition take center place. There are many great levels that can be easily tweaked for time of day or weather condition. The visuals are gorgeous, they are varied and it's amazing to see the destruction as so many cars rip across the area.

There's so much going on and it's just so enjoyable, few games of the genre let loose like this one does. There's a good selection of cars, the multiplayer is refreshing and I don't think there's really anything like this. I wonder about the longevity of the title however in terms of gametypes, I haven't been bored a moment and I hope others have a similar grand time with Onrush.

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Onrush Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner