Overcooked 2 Review

"Extreme Cooking"


Overcooked 2 expands the charm and style of the original while taking strides forward towards fresh content. You're able to explore the world of this sequel alone or with others. There's up to four player cooperative cooking online or offline. This is the main focus, but competitive options are present too if you'd like to battle against others instead of cooking together. The main story continues the events of the first narrative where the Onion King and the Dog seek a mystical book.

This doesn't go well and that's the core starting point this time around. You once again venture through a map, but now it's much more dynamic with each area adjusting to the bus and there being small side missions to tackle. There's a good progression of difficulty as you learn the game and the many new variations for cooking. They step it up to the max here by splitting up levels, having dynamic changes in the cooking environments and just trying to provide a good challenge.


The visuals are vibrant and full of life as you cook away. There are many layers to some dishes and you'll need to combine ingredients to make them. They've greatly expanded the selection of food to great results. There's cooking whether that's with heating rice or grilling some chicken.

It's expansive and intense as you'll need to deliver food, then clean those dishes up to get the next plates out there. It's a smooth ordering setup so you can see what you need and it's always a pressured cooking event. The addition of throwing food was welcomed and it helps with the coop efforts, just like using emotes. It handles well with a good amount of pressure for any audience type.
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The Conclusion

Overcooked 2 builds greatly upon the original with more ways to play and excellent cooperative or competitive options for up to four players. I wouldn't suggest playing this unless you had a friend for online or local coop, but the game does accommodate for the lonely numbers. It's just so frantic doing it yourself with a duo chef setup for the single players.

The environments are varied, full of distinct setups and happily colorful. It's got a fun and charming look that compels you to keep on cooking. There are many types of food to create and some great coop times. This is packed with content and great times, a worthy successor to the first release.

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Overcooked 2 Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner