Overwatch Nintendo Switch Review

"Switched Heroes"


November 4, 2019 at 3:36pm
By Jason Stettner

Cheers love, the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch is here. This is the well known, and certainly highly loved competitive hero shooter from Blizzard. It’s all about working together as a team, and battling towards objectives while also fending off others. It’s a multiplayer title, focused on that element of competitive coop play.

It features a selection of playlists from the straight forward quickplay, to ranked and some party type variations as well. As you’re playing you’ll be working to master a series of heroes as each has unique skills. While playing you’ll occasionally get lootboxes for decorative items and that’s generally the surrounding elements of the main game. At the core it’s a shooter featuring a wide range of maps, and objectives to play in. There are typically multiple stages involved to the levels, and quite a lot of content.

There’s also a wealth of characters present that are the heroes, and like with every other element of play the game is expanded upon over time with free post-launch DLC content. Now, this is a port of the game and it’s a standalone from the rest of the existing player base. This is specifically for the Nintendo Switch platform, but it does bring over the content you would expect without many sacrifices to what makes this game so enticing.


With this being carried over to the hybrid console platform some elements of the general gameplay have been sacrificed. That’s in regards to the frame rate which is sadly 30fps, which does slow down the game’s pacing. That being said, you do get a fairly good resolution here that holds steady for the most part whether you play it docked or out on the go.

With the out on the go concept being minimal here since this is a multiplayer title, you’ll need that internet connection. It brings most of the detail over from the other platforms and it does look decent enough. It feels solid controls wise, with the gyro feature being included. I would suggest turning that off immediately however as they’re awful. Just use the regular standard controller options and its fine, ignore the gyro.

There’s a good selection of maps, objectives to play and variation in the style. It’s still very fun to jump into, and it’s great to see on another platform. There’s a good sense of teamwork as well with emotes to use, voice lines to send to others and it’s nice to see a game where there’s an effort to have players actually function as a squad.
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The Conclusion

Overwatch Nintendo Switch brings over the full experience which is great, but it does sacrifice some elements of the gameplay to achieve this. It’s not terribly bad when it comes to what’s been lost, this is a solid port that in terms of resolution looks great. It does however feel very slow pacing wise due to that lower frame rate.

It’s still great action, the cooperative elements work well and there’s a lot of content that’s been added since its original release years back on other platforms. It’s excellent in terms of bringing that experience over, and I’m sure there are many out there that are excited to finally get their hands on it which is fine. I still had fun playing it here, but definitely do understand the limitations with doing so.

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Overwatch Review on Nintendo Switch
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner