Overwatch Xbox One X Enhanced Preview

Cheers love, the 4k is here! The Overwatch Xbox One X enhancement delivers a native 4k resolution most of the time showcasing stunning visuals on the console. It's an impressive jump for the title that's still one of the most popular and consistently updated games of the current time. This was a fantastic addition to the game as I wasn't sure this one would actually happen considering when Overwatch did originally release. It's been hit or miss for older games getting touched up and always a treat when they do. This enhancement in particular just sort of showed up being a surprise for the most part.

Whatever the case, it's by far the best way to experience Blizzard's ultra hyped and loved casual first person shooter on consoles. It's most likely not casual by nature since everyone is usually so competitive in the game, but I consider it so with the team approach and shared kill style. That aside, it's a blast to play with a wealth of characters and fresh updates all the time with new content. With this update we do get a complete bump in resolution, though sadly no addition of HDR. That's somewhat fine however as the game's artistic style doesn't necessarily need it. It's still a well lit game that doesn't spend too much time hiding in the shade.
Overwatch Xbox One X Enhanced Screenshot
The world is much more vibrant now, the colors were golden prior to the enhancement yet with this boost they're improved just that much more. This is carried from the charming looking characters to the large detailed arenas players battle within. The textures look fantastic and as you can see in the image, these rocks are ever so realistic in design. It's a mix in Overwatch of having a slightly stylized look while still being real enough. This is a smaller update in terms of just increasing resolution, yet an important one to improve the quality for the longevity of the title.

Using a dynamic option you do achieve that native 4k and going forward for consoles it'll most likely lock it at all times. There is of course that buttery smooth 60fps to back it all up and that in itself already makes the experience grand. The combination of hitting that fluidity with the best current resolution is a treat and Overwatch on Xbox One X delivers. The battles are full of color, particle destruction in combat is magical and all the action players are used to looks better. It just looks significantly improved now compared to the base version of the game.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner