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The Behemoth really does make great games and with the final release of Pit People, that streak continues. This game is an absolute treat and a blast. It's a turn based title featuring an ensemble of characters with their own intricate connected stories and so much hilarity. The game is just funny, the entire time. It's somewhat dark as the world has gone mad since the giant bear hit the planet, but that works so well for this. I don't think the material would be too adult for any players, but the older audience will really love the humor here if you like darker content.

They do a great job of presenting the basics for gameplay while also giving fast paced story elements. You know your core crew well and seeing them interact in short bits of narrative is awesome. It's all just hilarious and seeing the bear give some extra jokes makes it all come together. The quests are great, there's a full story to work through or even side ventures. You can take bounties, run into random groups of enemies or battle it out in the pit. There's a multiplayer aspect for cooperative campaign play, arena battles or even competitive options. Pit People presents so many different ways to play and it's just a blast the entire time.


Being a turn based game you and whatever the competition is take turns selecting moves. Combat is automatic, so it's quite relaxed yet strangely strategic as you pick routes. You need to position your troops well, keep them healed if possible and definitely mix up your combat style.

I like to have some distance attacks to support the core group and it works well. You can trap additional members for your team and there are so many smaller little things you can do. Armor or weapons can be equipped for anyone and you really do build your own little messed group to travel around with.

The visuals are gorgeous with a unique style and the world is just so weird. It's strange beyond belief and that only adds to the wild world, the music is also extra charming with that. As a final note here I was very surprised by how much they tweaked aspects in the genre, some missions are very creative.
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The Conclusion

The Behemoth once again stays true to their core designs bringing something familiar, yet wildly different and still just hilarious. Pit People is a blast to play, it's so much fun and I had so many laughs working through it. You can play by yourself, with others or even against them.

The world is vibrant, varied and there's a lot of content in there. You can further that by battling others or even within side events. The story is well done and I was surprised how fleshed out the side characters were, you really feel like you're on an epic quest with a group of hardened survivors. Battle against the bear in one of the wildest experiences one could imagine.

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Pit People Review on Xbox One X
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Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner