Pixel Piracy Review

"The Pixel Seas"


Pixel Piracy is an interesting title where you start off by going through a number of selections to determine your future game. These options are just selections and give bonuses or negatives to your playthrough depending on which ones you select. From there you're cast onto this hub island and are just sent out into the world to make your name or plunder.

You get a simple small pirate ship and you set sail from place to place as you venture about growing your fortunes. I had chosen one selection which gave me a starter pirate which was helpful at the start and you can also grow your crew with the money you collect. The game also featured a really well done AI control system so that I could give my crew directions of combat while I sat back and watched as any good captain would do.

It's a very simple game where you just pick from a random selection of areas which include mostly; a town port, a sea encounter or a land battle. While not every area will be hostile, you can assume that the majority are and skull indicators let you know the challenge. Towns are more or less just for selling or buying supplies with a number of markets on each one of them. The land battles were always neat and filled with treasures or enemies to collect from.

Finally the sea battles were really cool as you boarded the enemy ship and then eventually just destroyed or commandeered it. You also have to be careful of the sea as you can get pushed in and eaten by sharks or drown, not the best way to go. That's as far as it goes and from there you just continue on doing this so it didn't feel like there was a lot of density to your adventures.


It's an easy to play game where you just move across the island in a 2D viewing to attack people or items like chests. I honestly felt that it could have been zoomed in more as the viewing area is very far back and the characters looked almost like ants out there.

I liked the pixel graphics presented in the game as they were well done with great lengths of detail in them. Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can customize your ship with blocks and items you collect with plundering which was great to have my own custom ship made.

It also has a well done and in-depth inventory system with everything from clothing choices for bonuses to XP and a hungry bar to watch. This wasn't too complex, but provided more content to the title as you need to watch out for yourself and the pirate crew.

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The Conclusion

Pixel Piracy is a neat and simple title which provides a solid pirate adventure. There are many islands for you to explore, crew members to gain and rough battles to experience on land or sea.

It all works well together with your custom ship and well equipped group with some great management systems involved. I did find that there wasn't a ton of content in terms of just what you do which got repetitive though the random nature of it all worked fine enough.

It's a solid title for those that just want to sail around and see what crazy adventures they go on, for me it just didn't quite have enough to it. Aside from that I'm sure many will enjoy the game as it has a certain charm to it and most people love the excitement of being a pirate.

Pixel Piracy Review on Xbox One
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Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner