Playstation 5 Features Wishlist

There are already many rumors about the next generation Playstation 5 console, and other industry consoles set to release in the near future. With that, I thought I'd go over a features wishlist for this next Sony platform. These are a range of things I'd like to see, they may not all be what you desire though they're things I'm hoping they add for the next console. One of the biggest things I'd like them to address is the noise of the console, I'd love it to be almost silent.

The PS4 base console I currently still use sounds like a jet engine at times, it drives me crazy whereas the Xbox One X makes no sound. The Pro might have improved upon this, but for the PS5 I just want to run games beautifully well while making minimal noise. I don't care how they achieve it, I just want less background noise so I can be more immersed.
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Another amazing feature I'd like to see taken from the One X is the DVR function. This allows me to natively capture gameplay at 4k 60fps with HDR if I'd like, while having no effect on gameplay. This is an awesome feature that has streamlined my video content production and it just takes a lot of pressure off. Playstation 5 DVR would be heavenly, I know even regular players would love this evolution of the clip capture.

When it comes to Playstation 5 specs it would be great if it was powerful, hoping for standard 4k 60fps in the next generation to be honest. On top of that, I'd love to see ray-tracing if possible. I know it's quite a leap, but I do believe this will be more common going forward, at least on the PC side of things so it would be great for the console to try adding this feature in.

Another hugely desired feature would be Playstation Backwards Compatibility, this would be incredible. I feel this option will be a staple going forward, yet it isn't exactly confirmed yet. Moving past just having the option of PS4 games playing on PS5 consoles, it would be nice to see them try to use that extra power to support the older platforms too. I know there are probably architecture, licensing, and monetary hold-ups though it would be great for them to try.

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For the machine itself I imagine it'll be fairly compact, I don't have any strong opinion in regards to how it looks. I suppose a black theme would be nice to fit in with everything else, other than that I don't really care. USB options are nice however, easy access and many for external hard drives would be lovely. I imagine the Dualshock will get another iteration, not sure many complain about it. I personally would like it to be more ergonomically friendly and have easier to handle top bumpers/triggers. I do however believe those fall towards a more personal though on the controller.

I'd like to see virtual reality continue to be supported, I imagine the PSVR will have a revamp at some point so it may come as a launch enhancement. Don't have any desires for that at this point, perhaps another article down the road will go over that. When it comes to visual enhancements it would be great to see support for 4k Blu-Rays; Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and VRR. I'd say these visual options will be quite common at the time of the Playstation 5's release date.

I think that about wraps everything up for this wishlist. I'm sure there are more, but these are the big ones that come to mind. Games are obviously important, but this is specific to features of the console. It'll have games, probably a number of exclusives. You can read about a great year with the PS4 below or the platform hub for additional coverage of the console.

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