Playstation 5 Game Reveals: What to Expect

June 9, 2020 at 6:52pm
By Jason Stettner

The full reveal of the Playstation 5 is almost upon us, and with that it’s time to dive into the games to expect at the showcase. I’ll also briefly mention that I fully anticipate seeing the final look of the console, the price point and more information on the technology behind this next generation platform.

This is about when we’d see things through E3, even though Sony wouldn’t have been there anyways. Which is a shame, as they have awesome party events, I’ll never forget the donut wall they had the one year. It was seriously impressive.

That aside, it’s time to dive into the games and what we really hope will be present. There’s a lot of excitement that comes around at the start of every generation, especially with the console’s push for next generation platform only games. Anyways, here’s a sort of broken down list by expectations and how safe certain games are in terms of being something you’ll see at the show.
PS5 Console Reveal

Likely Games

While leaks have been somewhat minimal, some titles have gotten out there through various means. The first of these, and the most expected from a safe perspective would be Gran Turismo. A racing game is a great showcase of next generation power, and a recent patent does somewhat point to this happening. I could have placed it under might see, but I’m fairly confident about this one.

I would also anticipate a showcase for Call of Duty 2020 (Black Ops Remake/5) since Playstation still has the marketing for the game franchise. With that, I’m also expecting a small showing of Call of Duty: Warzone running on the hardware, since that game has been such a massive hit and is getting an upgrade come launch.

Fortnite might also show up since some marketing has been done with that free to play game. While it’s not as insanely popular as it once was, the game still has a fair backing to it. It also fits into the Epic Games partnership first showcased with the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo tease. Since Godfall was the first game that was really teased for the console, I imagine that will also be present at the event to some degree.

Quantum Error is another one that keeps coming up, so that might get a small showcase at the event. That’s really all I have for likely, and when I say likely I really do mean it. I would also assume we’ll get full confirmation on just what’s going on for Playstation backwards compatibility.

What upgrades various games will be given, and how in-depth the support will be. I would likely assume a number of recent PS4 exclusives will be given some sort of bump up too. Will be interesting to see if that’s in regards to remasters or just as boosted titles. PS5 Game Reveal Death Stranding
Might See Games
One of the big names that keeps coming up is Resident Evil 8, development wise this totally does make sense and it would likely follow the same design concept that the 7th main entry had. That being a scary first person viewing with gruesome realism.

I’m also assuming a tease for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 which again is in a cycle point where it could at least be noted that it’s happening. The game sold incredibly well, and ties into the lucrative Sony owned Spider-Man licensing that’s still in play from Marvel. I also have high hopes in regards to seeing Horizon Zero Dawn 2 since that game was incredible and development wise it should be on the horizon. Or, well close enough to give us a tease that it is indeed happening.

Other possible games to quickly list some off include Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters, Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Gothic Remake, Elden Ring and Dying Light 2. I put Dying Light last as that one has been delayed indefinitely, though it seems like an impressive offering from what I’ve witnessed over the last couple E3 events, one to watch out for. The others are all sort of known, we just don’t have too much on their timing or presentations.
PS5 Game Reveals Ghost of Tsushima
Rumored Games and More
One of the rumors that keeps coming around is a new Silent Hill. We did just see Dead by Daylight pick up the licensing, so Konami is open to the usage of the IP. I don’t personally see this happening, but many keep on pushing this one so I had to mention it.

Other mentions go on about a Demon Souls Remake, or a Bloodborne Definitive Edition to some degree. I feel like a God of War 2 is underway, but I’m guessing it might be a bit more off development wise. That being said, I wouldn’t totally be surprised by it being presented, or given even a little tease. I’m still placing it under here for now. Uncharted 5 or a spin-off has been discussed recently, I don’t see where this would have fit in unless a secret team was working on it.

I think that’s about all at this point for what I could expect, or would imagine. I feel like this event will largely focus on what the console is, and details around what it provides. I’m assuming games will be focused in terms of letting you know what will be at launch, with some teases as to what’s to come down the road. There could always be surprises, and that’s the fun of these events. It’s hard to always predict these sort of things, but I think this is fairly comprehensive in regards to what could be there and what to expect.

As always, keep expectations to a minimal, and have fun being surprised with the next generation being just around the corner. I mean, who knows what insane secrets are lurking around the corner. It could be a grand returning title, or refreshingly a new IP which are always fun. Perhaps some smaller indie titles too, should be a great time. Read our details about certain DualSense advancements below, or the general hub for the console platform as well.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner