Playstation 5 Size Comparison vs Xbox Series X & Other Consoles

June 18, 2020 at 6:23pm
By Jason Stettner

One of the big questions from the Playstation 5 reveal was really the size, and the scale of the console. It was a mystery, and we’ve now seen a number of displays online showcasing just how big this might be.

It’s going to be a very large console, and I thought it might be fun to do some arts and crafts. That’s right, I took the number online that made the most sense in terms of size, and pulled out some cardboard. I then produced a scale creation out of cardboard that is hopefully close to the final scale of the console.

That size being (22.3cm x 8.89cm x 38.1cm) or with inches [8.78 x 3.5 x 15] which features Length (depth), Width and Height. I also made a Xbox Series X console based on the Eurogamer hands-on size (15.1cm x 15.1cm x 30.1cm at 9.8lbs) or with inches [5.9 x 5.9 x 11.85] which I believe to be very accurate.

Keep in mind with this that these are estimated numbers, which are hopefully close to what the final version will be. It’s to get a sense of scale in terms of vertical or horizontal placement. It’s also to get an idea of how it shapes up to other consoles in the past.

To make these comparisons I also brought out a base PS4, a Xbox One X, a Xbox 360 and an Original Xbox One to get a sense of its large (size wise) competition. I made some comparisons all around, with the PS5 being the central point here. So the idea was to first lightly show off the two designs, then to start matching them. I placed the Xbox Series X against its brethren.
PS5 Size Comparison
I then crossed the PS5 against its older iteration, and then against the various Xbox consoles. I finally wrapped back around for a summary comparison of the two next generation competitors. It’s really quite interesting, as this platform does sort of tower over other options.

I mean, it’s not too wildly large but it may require some creative placement to have in one’s TV area. It’ll also need extended room around it to deal with air flow, and the stand aspect might be a tad extra on top of that. Whatever the case, I thought this might be neat, and I provided the details within the video as a visual representation of this test.

Now, for some neat information based on details from Albert Penello (Xbox, EA, Sega background). Keep in mind that his numbers are similar, though a little different and they focus on volumetrics. The information is based around cubic inches “ci” and centimeters cubed “cm3”.

The Xbox One X is noted as being 266ci (4359cm3), 15% smaller than the PS4 Pro at 312ci (5113cm3). The Xbox Series X is going to be around 320ci (6883cm3), about a third larger than Xbox One X, but pushing out much more performance. The Playstation 5 is over 600ci (9832cm3), that’s almost two times the volume of the PS4 Pro and over a third larger than the Xbox Series X while putting out less GPU and CPU performance albeit a lot higher clocks.

Another perspective is that the Xbox Series X could fit inside a Playstation 5 with nearly 40% empty space despite a smaller chip putting out less TFLOPS. This Twitter thread is linked below. That’s all for now, hope you found this interesting and perhaps helpful. Read about the PS4’s masterpiece The Last of Us Part 2 below, or the general PS5 hub for further coverage.

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