Pokemon Go is the Most Social Game Ever

Despite your stance on Pokemon Go its everywhere and everyone is playing it. While initially just trying it out to review I've also become hooked to this addictive title. With that I've been actually going out to explore and collect some Pokeballs from various Pokestops.

It's crazy to see so many people clearly playing this game whether you're just driving around or stopping by local parks. You can catch others parking briefly to catch something or even groups of people catching together. I don't believe there's ever been another game where you can clearly tell that everyone is playing it while very dedicated.

The local park has also never been so busy as I've been venturing to it a few times this last week and it's always packed with people on their phones walking around. It's also crazy that others seem to be friendly when on the game pointing out if there's a desired Pokemon nearby or throwing a lure down so everyone can benefit. There have even been a couple conversations random people discussing what they've collected or how their hunt has been.

Pokemon Go is the Most Social Game Ever

The game has also been great just in regular conversation with others as we discuss good spots to catch some Pokemon or even just the highlights of their collection. There have been few games that have come up in the conversation to the degree of Pokemon Go and I've never seen one so popularly celebrated all around.

This amount of social acceptance for it is also odd as everyone is discussing it without too much negativity around it. It's certainly got far less complaints from those I chat with and I've even played with a number of older folks as well which I thought was straight up bizarre. Whatever the reason for why everyone is so hyped for it at the moment hopefully this isn't just some fad and updates continue to keep players going.

It's nice to have an excuse to go out and explore for a bit while having a pleasant chat with others as everyone is so typically kept to themselves. I also wanted to mention that my interactions with others has been in Canada if that has any effect on the situation, often have heard everyone's friendlier here. It would be nice to know if other parts of the world are also benefitting with better social interaction is Pokemon Go is definitely the most social game I've ever encountered.

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Pokemon Go is the Most Social Game Ever

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner